Lot 48: My little Lincoln bug

April 25, 2013

My little Lincoln bug

This is my nephew Lincoln.  He is 1 1/2.  He has a baby sister on the way and she will be here in a month!  I am so excited.  He is my oldest sister Jessica's son and they live in Kansas City.  My brother in law is in med school there and is also getting his MBA. (Crazy)

He is sooooo cute.  Oh my word he is cute.

Look at those cheeks and those big brown eyes!

He was clapping for himself


Us under the mistletoe.  

He always has his fingers in his mouth.  Index and middle finger.  Always always always.

This is when we went to the zoo over the summer.  His cheeks were pink and he was really hot so I took him under the little mister and we got soaked.  It was a lot of fun and very special to have that moment with him.

I tried to add pictures of him and his cousin Eli, but was having such problems adding the pictures and I don't know why! Ugh!  Anywhos, Eli and Lincoln have the most adorable bromance.  They are bestttttt bros.  When Lincoln was here in March, my sisters were letting them watch tv and the two boys were at opposite each other on the couch and when my sisters came back in the room they had moved and were cuddling under the same blanket.

Eli has a really bull headed personality and Lincoln doesn't as much so I was worried Eli would be demanding and bossy.  But then I remembered Eli is a follower and Lincoln is not so I observed them one day while playing.  Lincoln was totally the boss.  He could totally handle his older cousin.  No problem.  How kids already know how to provoke and annoy each other, I will never know, but Lincoln was poking and teasing and making Eli laugh so hard.  I was so proud of my little Lincoln!  He is a pretty social kid and I am so proud of him!  He always asks questions and loves to learn.  He loves his trucks and he loooooooves his daddy.  I love his little laugh but sadly, I cannot make him squeal and giggle like his daddy can.  I try so hard but I just can't do it!  

He loves to kiss random things.  One day while I was skyping with him and my sister, he kissed the picture of the pinneaple that was on the coupon in front of him.  Weird.  But he usually just holds still when I ask him for a smooch, he doesn't lean in.  Brat.  I love looking at his eyes while he watches things, they are just so full of wonder and excitement and you can practically see his little brain working and learning and figuring things out.  He is so smart.  I am so proud of him and love watching him learn and play.  I also love when I make him smile.  If I can't make him laugh, at least I can make him smile!  I am going to go visit him after baby girl is born, probably in June and I can't wait!  I miss my little Lincoln bug and I love him so much!

So in conclusion, Lincoln is cute and the best and I love him.  

The end.

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  1. This is so so sweet, Lauren! I'm totally smiling so huge at all the cute things you notice and love about him. I love all those things too!


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