Lot 48: Date with my nephew

April 22, 2013

Date with my nephew

I had been wanting to take my nephew out on a date for a while, and on Saturday, my sister finally let me!  I was sooooo excited!  I was counting down the days and minutes and couldn't wait to spend time with my little sweet boy and give him my undivided attention!  In case you have all forgotten how much I love this boy, read this post.

 Eli hadn't taken a nap that day since he was so excited to go to the aquarium, so he fell asleep on the drive.  I had to wake him up when we arrived, I felt kind of bad.  He was really groggy and made us hold him for a good while.  

I brought my boyfriend with me and I had two of my favorite boys with me at the same time!  It was HEAVEN!  Eli is really heavy so I gave him to Taran to hold since Eli wouldn't let us put him down cause he was still half asleep.  And Taran is much stronger than me.

He immediately asked to go see the sharks, but then changed his mind and wanted to go see the penguins.  He is so smart, he remembered where the penguins are and lead us to them! Then we checked out the frogs.  he looooved pressing those buttons and hearing the different sounds the frogs made.

There were these HUGE fish!  They were actually kind of gross they were so big, but Eli liked them and that's all that matters.

He grabbed Taran's hand!  I just about died.

He was determined to drive that huge wheel himself.

There are these rocks that kids can climb in he liked to go in and peek his head out.  

I'm king of the frogs!

We went over to the otters and he loved pressing these buttons! When he saw the buttons, he said "go over there, Lauren!"  Yes, sir!  He would jump and cling onto me after he pressed a button after they made a noise, it was so cute.  I didn't get a picture of this, but he was scared to pet the sting ray and shark.  I tried to show him he could put his hand in, but he said "no!" and stepped back.

He is such a social kid.  He found some other kids to play with and was squealing and laughing with them!  He is so good at making friends.

He looooovevd the otters and kept saying "get in the water" he got frustrated when they were lounging on the rock.

I bought him a little dolphin that lites up when you press it, and he was enchanted by it.  He played with it the whole way home.  It was such a fun day and was so special.  I loved giving him my undivided attention where I am not distracted by his brother or anything else.  He is my best bud and I am so happy we finally were able to go on our date!  I can't wait to do it again!

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