Lot 48: Babies Birthday Party

April 30, 2013

Babies Birthday Party

My niece and nephew are four days apart in age.  Avery was born on May 1, Oliver was born on May 5.  They both turn 1 year old this week!  I love that they are so close in age and that my sisters had babies at the same time, it is so fun for them to grow up together.

My parents came up this weekend for a combined birthday party.  My sister Jessica is about to give birth and so we wanted to have the party early before my mom left to Kansas  City to help her.  My parents also met Taran and I am happy to say it went really well.

My little Oliver, king of the backyard

 This was so funny.  Each kid got their own cake for their birthday.  We sat them side by side and encouraged them to get as messy as they so desired. Avery doze right in like a boss, but Oliver was so hesitant.  He poked the sprinkles.  And poked some more. And was so neat.  He didn't get messy at all and he barely ate the cake it was so funny.  Poke, poke, poke. 

 Let the present opening begin!

 Trying to explain to Eli ahead of time that the toys he was about to see were his brother's.

 I must say, I am rather jealous of whenever Ama comes around (Ama means mother in Basque, the native language of Jon, our foreign exchange student from Spain who we refer to as our brother as he has made such an special imprint on our family. Man, I miss that kid.  The grandkids call my mother "ama".)  I am Eli's best friend until Ama comes to visit.  Then it's ama this and ama that, it is sooooo annoying.  Eli constantly asks "lets go see ama!" or "where's ama?" non stop.  I'm here too Eli! He will not leave my mom's side and she eats it up.  So jealous.  I guess I can't blame him, she is pretty dang awesome.
 Both the babies were so excited about all their new toys!  So many toys, so little time!  So much excitement! Ah!

Just some babies in a wagon
 Isn't my sister so gorgeous?  And look how proud my little Oliver looks in his crown!

I love this picture because you can see Eli checking out Oliver's new car.  He was soooo jealous of all the presents.  And Avery is just pulling up her dress and Oliver is just contently playing by himself.  Pretty much depicts their personalities.  Brad is wearing a crown because his birthday was the next day, so happy birthday to my brother in law Brad! I'm so glad you're my brother and am so infinitely grateful for how great of a dad you are to my little baby girl.

Eli kept asking to open Oliver's new toys, and I just told him to ask Oliver if he had permission to play with them, as they are Oliver's birthday presents.  Eli would run up to his brother and say "Oliver, let's open this!" Then I would say "okay, Oliver said yes, you can play with it, thank you for asking."  My mom was worried he would feel left out (with good reason) so she bought him a few new toys as well.  He is a smart little dude and found the bag she hid them in and kept running to it and saying "lets open it ama!" She made him wait until Oliver had his toys.  It was Oliver's day, after all.

 I really love my niecephews, can you tell?

Happy birthday to the coolest 1 year olds on the block.  I don't know how I got along without you both.

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