Lot 48: April 2013

April 30, 2013

Babies Birthday Party

My niece and nephew are four days apart in age.  Avery was born on May 1, Oliver was born on May 5.  They both turn 1 year old this week!  I love that they are so close in age and that my sisters had babies at the same time, it is so fun for them to grow up together.

My parents came up this weekend for a combined birthday party.  My sister Jessica is about to give birth and so we wanted to have the party early before my mom left to Kansas  City to help her.  My parents also met Taran and I am happy to say it went really well.

My little Oliver, king of the backyard

 This was so funny.  Each kid got their own cake for their birthday.  We sat them side by side and encouraged them to get as messy as they so desired. Avery doze right in like a boss, but Oliver was so hesitant.  He poked the sprinkles.  And poked some more. And was so neat.  He didn't get messy at all and he barely ate the cake it was so funny.  Poke, poke, poke. 

 Let the present opening begin!

 Trying to explain to Eli ahead of time that the toys he was about to see were his brother's.

 I must say, I am rather jealous of whenever Ama comes around (Ama means mother in Basque, the native language of Jon, our foreign exchange student from Spain who we refer to as our brother as he has made such an special imprint on our family. Man, I miss that kid.  The grandkids call my mother "ama".)  I am Eli's best friend until Ama comes to visit.  Then it's ama this and ama that, it is sooooo annoying.  Eli constantly asks "lets go see ama!" or "where's ama?" non stop.  I'm here too Eli! He will not leave my mom's side and she eats it up.  So jealous.  I guess I can't blame him, she is pretty dang awesome.
 Both the babies were so excited about all their new toys!  So many toys, so little time!  So much excitement! Ah!

Just some babies in a wagon
 Isn't my sister so gorgeous?  And look how proud my little Oliver looks in his crown!

I love this picture because you can see Eli checking out Oliver's new car.  He was soooo jealous of all the presents.  And Avery is just pulling up her dress and Oliver is just contently playing by himself.  Pretty much depicts their personalities.  Brad is wearing a crown because his birthday was the next day, so happy birthday to my brother in law Brad! I'm so glad you're my brother and am so infinitely grateful for how great of a dad you are to my little baby girl.

Eli kept asking to open Oliver's new toys, and I just told him to ask Oliver if he had permission to play with them, as they are Oliver's birthday presents.  Eli would run up to his brother and say "Oliver, let's open this!" Then I would say "okay, Oliver said yes, you can play with it, thank you for asking."  My mom was worried he would feel left out (with good reason) so she bought him a few new toys as well.  He is a smart little dude and found the bag she hid them in and kept running to it and saying "lets open it ama!" She made him wait until Oliver had his toys.  It was Oliver's day, after all.

 I really love my niecephews, can you tell?

Happy birthday to the coolest 1 year olds on the block.  I don't know how I got along without you both.

April 25, 2013

My little Lincoln bug

This is my nephew Lincoln.  He is 1 1/2.  He has a baby sister on the way and she will be here in a month!  I am so excited.  He is my oldest sister Jessica's son and they live in Kansas City.  My brother in law is in med school there and is also getting his MBA. (Crazy)

He is sooooo cute.  Oh my word he is cute.

Look at those cheeks and those big brown eyes!

He was clapping for himself


Us under the mistletoe.  

He always has his fingers in his mouth.  Index and middle finger.  Always always always.

This is when we went to the zoo over the summer.  His cheeks were pink and he was really hot so I took him under the little mister and we got soaked.  It was a lot of fun and very special to have that moment with him.

I tried to add pictures of him and his cousin Eli, but was having such problems adding the pictures and I don't know why! Ugh!  Anywhos, Eli and Lincoln have the most adorable bromance.  They are bestttttt bros.  When Lincoln was here in March, my sisters were letting them watch tv and the two boys were at opposite each other on the couch and when my sisters came back in the room they had moved and were cuddling under the same blanket.

Eli has a really bull headed personality and Lincoln doesn't as much so I was worried Eli would be demanding and bossy.  But then I remembered Eli is a follower and Lincoln is not so I observed them one day while playing.  Lincoln was totally the boss.  He could totally handle his older cousin.  No problem.  How kids already know how to provoke and annoy each other, I will never know, but Lincoln was poking and teasing and making Eli laugh so hard.  I was so proud of my little Lincoln!  He is a pretty social kid and I am so proud of him!  He always asks questions and loves to learn.  He loves his trucks and he loooooooves his daddy.  I love his little laugh but sadly, I cannot make him squeal and giggle like his daddy can.  I try so hard but I just can't do it!  

He loves to kiss random things.  One day while I was skyping with him and my sister, he kissed the picture of the pinneaple that was on the coupon in front of him.  Weird.  But he usually just holds still when I ask him for a smooch, he doesn't lean in.  Brat.  I love looking at his eyes while he watches things, they are just so full of wonder and excitement and you can practically see his little brain working and learning and figuring things out.  He is so smart.  I am so proud of him and love watching him learn and play.  I also love when I make him smile.  If I can't make him laugh, at least I can make him smile!  I am going to go visit him after baby girl is born, probably in June and I can't wait!  I miss my little Lincoln bug and I love him so much!

So in conclusion, Lincoln is cute and the best and I love him.  

The end.

April 22, 2013

Date with my nephew

I had been wanting to take my nephew out on a date for a while, and on Saturday, my sister finally let me!  I was sooooo excited!  I was counting down the days and minutes and couldn't wait to spend time with my little sweet boy and give him my undivided attention!  In case you have all forgotten how much I love this boy, read this post.

 Eli hadn't taken a nap that day since he was so excited to go to the aquarium, so he fell asleep on the drive.  I had to wake him up when we arrived, I felt kind of bad.  He was really groggy and made us hold him for a good while.  

I brought my boyfriend with me and I had two of my favorite boys with me at the same time!  It was HEAVEN!  Eli is really heavy so I gave him to Taran to hold since Eli wouldn't let us put him down cause he was still half asleep.  And Taran is much stronger than me.

He immediately asked to go see the sharks, but then changed his mind and wanted to go see the penguins.  He is so smart, he remembered where the penguins are and lead us to them! Then we checked out the frogs.  he looooved pressing those buttons and hearing the different sounds the frogs made.

There were these HUGE fish!  They were actually kind of gross they were so big, but Eli liked them and that's all that matters.

He grabbed Taran's hand!  I just about died.

He was determined to drive that huge wheel himself.

There are these rocks that kids can climb in he liked to go in and peek his head out.  

I'm king of the frogs!

We went over to the otters and he loved pressing these buttons! When he saw the buttons, he said "go over there, Lauren!"  Yes, sir!  He would jump and cling onto me after he pressed a button after they made a noise, it was so cute.  I didn't get a picture of this, but he was scared to pet the sting ray and shark.  I tried to show him he could put his hand in, but he said "no!" and stepped back.

He is such a social kid.  He found some other kids to play with and was squealing and laughing with them!  He is so good at making friends.

He looooovevd the otters and kept saying "get in the water" he got frustrated when they were lounging on the rock.

I bought him a little dolphin that lites up when you press it, and he was enchanted by it.  He played with it the whole way home.  It was such a fun day and was so special.  I loved giving him my undivided attention where I am not distracted by his brother or anything else.  He is my best bud and I am so happy we finally were able to go on our date!  I can't wait to do it again!

April 19, 2013

You (yes, you) are amazing

You are amazing.  You are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are generous, you are kind, you are talented, you are sacred, you are smart, you are brilliant.  And yes, I am talking to you, random cyber stalker.  yes, i am talking to you, random facebook friend who I don't know that well but we are friends because we find each other interesting.

you are amazing.  the Lord loves you.  You are great.

I just wanted to tell you that.

This standing ovation is for you.


April 16, 2013

Apparently I'm a crier

I have noticed that as I have been telling stories to my friends or boyfriend, the story usuallly ends with "and then I cried."  I realized that I had been saying this a lot and that I did in fact, cry quite a lot!  How embarrassing   Why am I sharing this with you??

Do you ever feel like a toddler because you just start crying all the time?  I think I am a 2 year old in a 22 year old's body.  Sometimes I see my 3 year old nephew crying and I'm like, yeah.  That sounds like me.

I found this really awesome website that is hilarious.  Hilarious I tell you.  Its called "Reasons My Son Is Crying."  And I can relate.  So this is how I look when I cry.

Claire Danes is a pretty ugly crier, yes?

And Kim Kardashian is a suuuuper ugly cries.  But we all are, right?

And sometimes, I look this distressed while crying.  Thats my nephew Eli crying after my sister couldn't buy those cars for him.

So yeah, we all cry.  And its weird and annoying and ugly.  Do you cry?

April 8, 2013

My boyfriend

Some of you have asked the following questions so I thought I'd just answer them all at once in one place.

Name: Taran Packer
Occupation: He graduates in December from the University of Utah in biomedical engineering
How we met: Institute, February 2012 (for those of you who don't know what that is, its like church but its at school and is more casual and is held during the week.  You take it as part of your class schedule in college.)
How long we have been dating: About two months
Where he is from: West Jordan (soooo exotic) 
Fun Facts: He brings me presents a lot.  Like cookies.  It is usually cookies or donuts (he knows me well). For Easter he brought me an egg that was literally the size of my face and it was filled with chocolate.  So, you know, he's a keeper.
He will eat anything as long as it doesn't have coconut in it.
He served an LDS mission in London (which is awesome cause I lived there).
The only music he listens to is 90's rock.  I don't know if he knows that songs have been written since then.

He's pretty cool, I guess.

April 5, 2013

Best Buds

This is my nephew Eli.  He is 2.  

I remember when he was born.  I was living at home and working for my dad that summer and I was sitting in my dad's office working as he had already left to the airport to fly to DC to meet the little guy (which I liked to do as he had a big comfy chair and a huge office and I liked to pretend I was a big shot tv producer in LA and this was my office) and I was so giddy!  I started crying with happiness and kept looking at his newborn picture and couldn't believe how perfect and cute and sweet he was.

He slept on my shoulder so much when he was little.  One day Andrea wanted to take a nap so I offered to watch him while she slept.  He was so small, like 3 months old at most, and I remember he fell asleep on my shoulder with his head nestled on my chest and his sweet little mouth wide open.  I turned on "Lie To Me" and he slept through the whole episode, just cuddling with his auntie.  It was perfection.

The past few months, Eli has definitely started to act more excited when I come over and when I play with him.  Remember the video I posted where he said I am his favorite aunt?  I totally am and it is the best thing ever.  He smiles real big at me when I come over and when I ask for a kiss, he always gives me one.  I used to have to work really hard to get a kiss!

I took my boyfriend Taran to meet him and my other nephew sweet little Oliver (who I will do a post on later) and while Taran was throwing him in the air Eli kept saying in between squeals "Laurrren! Lauuuren!"  He wanted me to save him, I think.  I just said "yes baby?  I'm right here!"  And the other day when I went to pick up his brother, Eli fussed and reached up for me to hold him.  He was jealous.  So I put a baby on each hip like a boss. Yeah.

Eli has this little tongue trill he does when he is really happy.  It happens when he is squealing and laughing really hard.  Its a really high pitched squeal and sounds so euphoric and happy and I LOVE being the one to cause that euphoria.  I love it when he lets me read him bedtime stories.  It is so special.  He sits in my lap and I asked him where things are on the page and in his high little voice he said "its right there!"

He loves it to stack cars and then take his toy semi truck and crash them.  I always ask him if he wants to do that and he always says "yes!"  But I am respectful of his toys and always ask which car I can play with and then he picks one out for me and carefully places it in my open palm.  He likes it when I roll a car up his leg, over his shoulder, up and over his head and down the other leg.  He giggles and squeals and thinks it is the funniest thing ever.

I was eating dinner while his dad was putting him to bed and I heard him exclaim from his bedroom "lets go see Lauren!" and he kept repeating it and repeating it and then finally I went into his bedroom and he got excited.  He also has been letting me hold his hand more.  And a few weeks ago when we went swimming, he let me be his buddy and he would cling onto me when he got scared of the shooting water or when he would wobble as he tried to walk in water.

I'm going to take him on a aunt/nephew date in a few weeks to the Aquarium!  And then I am going to take him to the kid's museum at the Planetarium!  I'm so excited!  I love this kid so much.  He is my buddy and the coolest kid around.  I love him more than I know how to express.  I CANNOT believe he will be 3 in June.  He is soooooo soooo soooooo smart and sooooooooo cute and sooooooooo social and good with other kids and is such a good big brother and I am so proud of him!

Love you Eli!

April 1, 2013

I'm moving back to LA!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I met with my friend who was working on a new tv show.  He was pitching it to some very big companies and there was a very big chance it was going to get picked up.  He had read my script and said he would bring me on as a writer if his show went anywhere.
The show has been picked up and I am now officially a staff writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dreams come true guys!!!!!! I would tell you the premise of the show but I am not allowed to say yet.  I really can't believe this is happening.  It feel very surreal.  I have two weeks to move out of my apartment here, move all my stuff to LA and find a place to live!  It's crazy and it is all happening so fast! AH!
I'm a little bit nervous.  This is a real writing job and I don't want anyone to think I don't know what I'm doing.  I do know what I'm doing!  I am a good writer!  I can do this!
I am soooooo excited and I can't wait to start this chapter of my life!  DREAMS COME TRUE! I have worked so hard for this and have dreamt of this for YEARS and it is finally happening!  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
Goodbye Utah!  Don't think I'll be back!
LA, here I come!  That Emmy is as good as mine.