Lot 48: Intelligence

March 13, 2013


You're smart. He's smart.  She's smart.  What does it all mean, really?
I think there are people who are naturally smart.  They are analytical thinkers, they understand things easily, they are observant and pick up on social cues (which I think is a large part of intellect)
And then there are those who none of these things come easily to them and they have to work extra hard to do well in life.
And then there are good test takers.

I've been thinking about intelligence a lot lately and have been trying to figure out what it means exactly.  And this is what I have concluded...

You are smart.  We are all smart.  We are all smart in different ways.  I understand writing and grammar.  I can whip out a 600 word paper in under 20 minutes.  And not correct it. And get an A.  (No, I really did write an article for a newspaper for work today.  It was 600 words and I did it in under 20 minutes. Technically I didn't correct it, I had my intern correct it.) But I CANNOT for the life of me, understand math or chemistry or anything science related.  Cannot.  At all.  And you know what?

That is very much okay!  You might be able to do math in your sleep but might have a hard time writing papers.  But that doesn't mean you're not smart, nor does it mean I'm not smart. I come from a verrrrrry intelligent family.  My sister is a microbiologist, one sister skipped a grade, one went to a super top notch business school, my mother was an ICU nurse (which is the hardest and most prestigious kind of nurse) and got in the 97 percentile on her boards, my dad is a doctor, my brother-in-law got in the 97 percentile on his LSATs, my other brother-in-law got his masters at Oxford, has three bachelors degrees and is getting his MD and MBA at the same time and my other brother-in-law also went to a really prestigious business school.  Talk about intimidating.  I often feel dumb when I'm with my family.  But then I remember, none of them could write a sitcom script.  Doesn't that make me smart in my own way?

Yes!  Because we are all smart in our own ways!  I think we all feel self conscious about our intelligence and I think we often compare ourselves to each other and think "I got a 21 on my ACT, she got a 30, she is smarter than me."  False.  So false.  God built us all individually and differently.  Some have to work harder than others, some can do math, some can't.  But that by no stretch of the imagination mean any of us are dumb.  God built us all in his image, and since he is a very intelligent guy, doesn't that mean he would make us intelligent as well?

You are smart.  You are intelligent.  The end.

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