Lot 48: 3 Things

March 12, 2013

3 Things

On February 10, I made a deal with my dad that I would email him every night until March 10 with 3 things I was grateful for/good things that happened that day.  I can't even tell you how much my life and attitude has improved since I decided to do this.  It has been an amazing month.

Some days it would be hard to think of something good that happened that day.  So those were the days that I just wrote "I have a job, I can walk, I make enough to provide for myself, etc."  It was easy to write 3 good things about my day when it was a good day.
But I am grateful for the emails when it wasn't a good day and I had to really think hard.   It made me notice the little things that I take for granted and how much I need to notice those small and simple things.  I have felt so much happier this past month, significantly happier, and am so glad I completed this challenge!  I could see the effects of doing this in my everyday life, and even though the challenge is over, I think I am going to keep doing it for a while because I love how I am feeling!

Life is beautiful
Life is grand
I have a wonderful life
I have all my arms and legs
I have a great job that I love
I have a functioning brain and allows me to take care of myself
I am a child of God
I have the knowledge of the Gospel
I have the knowledge of the Atonement
My Father in Heaven loves me
Life is awesome.

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