Lot 48: March 2013

March 31, 2013

A lovely charity

For a few months now, I have been searching for and praying for a volunteer opportunity. I was feeling like I was focusing so much on myself and not enough on others. I wanted to help people in some way. So I signed up for two volunteer organizations. One was a community writing center where I would help others improve their writing skills and express their creativity. I chose to work at the refugee center, helping war refugees learn how to express their story in a positive and creative way and often even have to teach them to read and write. I was excited. But the place where this writing center was held was under renovation and this writing center would be put on hold for a few months. So this attempt at volunteering and helping others was halted.
The other volunteer organization was a shelter for domestic violence. It wasn't just for women, but rarely had men. I took a tour and met with the volunteer coordinator and was really excited to help out. I wanted to work with the victims but by state law, you have to get certified before you can work with them. The next training wasn't for a few months so in the meantime I offered to just help out in any way I could. I had to pass a background check first. That was two months ago and I haven't heard back from the shelter even after I submitted a background check. I hadn't filled it out in blue ink so I had to redo it and then I sent it in again and I haven't heard anything! So then I thought well it doesnt't matter, the training is coming up soon anyway. But the problem was the training was a three day program during the week. That meant that I would have to take three days of work off. I couldn't do that, that is a considerable amount of wages lost if I took three days off. I couldn't afford that. So there was my second attempt to volunteer.
When I first started the job I have now, I was asked by my boss to help a board member out with his website for one of his charities. I was happy to help and said sure. That was 5 months ago and just started working on it. The site was built during that time and so I was just waiting until it was up and ready! I have been working on this website a lot this week and am so glad I am able to help out. I am so grateful for this opportunity to help this amazing charity in a small way.
Cause For Hope is a non-profit that goes to countries in Latin America and educates people on how to lead financially successful and stable lives. They teach classes in subjects ranging from how to better your business, how to manage your money and even how to market your business. These people have small businesses such as food carts or just little stands where they sell jewelery they make. I have posted a few dozen success stories on these people and have learned how drastically this organization has improved their lives and has made it possible for them to provide for their families. Some of these people have even been able to save some money. Working on the website has been a very spiritual and rewarding experience for me. I am so grateful the Lord heard my prayers when I asked for ways to help others. I know it is a small way that I am helping, but how are donators supposed to donate money if they don't have accurate and updated information to read on the website right? I have to admit I get chills every once in a while when I read the stories about these people. They are Gods children who are trying to make ends meet and because of this charity, they are living better lives. This is a charity that doesn't give them fish, but teaches them how to fish which is so incredibly more valuable.
I'm grateful I am able to volunteer and help others. Working with this charity has been so wonderful! "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
- Matthew 25:40

March 26, 2013

More Words of Wisdom from Lena Dunham

What It's Like To Be A Twentysomething, As Told By "Mean Girls," "Bridesmaids," And "Girls"

First, some more words of wisdom from Lena Dunham, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, my writing idols.
Life is FOR SURE like this right now.
Let's all just do this
What It's Like To Be A Twentysomething, As Told By "Mean Girls," "Bridesmaids," And "Girls" And this
What It's Like To Be A Twentysomething, As Told By "Mean Girls," "Bridesmaids," And "Girls"
 And let's live by this quote, yes?
What It's Like To Be A Twentysomething, As Told By "Mean Girls," "Bridesmaids," And "Girls"
But I feel like this
What It's Like To Be A Twentysomething, As Told By "Mean Girls," "Bridesmaids," And "Girls"
 But I also feel like this
What It's Like To Be A Twentysomething, As Told By "Mean Girls," "Bridesmaids," And "Girls"
 And at the end of conversations, I often want to say this
What It's Like To Be A Twentysomething, As Told By "Mean Girls," "Bridesmaids," And "Girls"

But its a great time to be alive!
Changed the blog name. No longer single. Only legally. Boyfriend, I know you're reading this. You can no longer resent the name of my blog. It wasn't just you though, some of my friends told me I should change the name too. So I did. Riveting story.
In parting words, remember that any problem can be solved with a good doughnut. There is also now an edible hotel, so the world just got a bit more delicious.

March 21, 2013

I'm a Grown Up

I have been thinking about being a grown up a lot lately. And how stupid it is. I have to clean, I have to take care of myself, I have to make sure I eat right, I have to cook (grrrr) I have to pay bills and do laundry and get safety inspections on my car. I have to go to work. I can't go home and take a nap like I used to be able to do in college. I have to go to work. And worst of all, I have to go to work when I am sick. Being a grown up is stupid. But its okay because we have Lena Dunham to help us through it.

I don't watch the show Girls because it is way too risque for me and but I found a whole list of brilliant quotes on BuzzFeed and found every quote to completely fit how I have once felt about life or how I feel about life. I'm going to list a few.

I'm in my early twenties, so of course I am busy trying to become who I am. When people ask me what I am going to do today or what I did that day or something, I just want to say this. Because it is completely accurate.
The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From "Girls"
Hannah is trying to figure out how to be a grown up too. So are a lot of people. I don't think I'm very good at being a grown up.
The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From "Girls"
I should tell my parents this more.
The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From "Girls"
I should do this every morning
The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From
We have all been here, yes?
The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From
And here
The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From
Being a grown up is stupid. Let's all just calm down, try to figure it out, and eat some donuts. But hey, part of being a grown up is having grown up relationships and that is real good.

March 13, 2013


You're smart. He's smart.  She's smart.  What does it all mean, really?
I think there are people who are naturally smart.  They are analytical thinkers, they understand things easily, they are observant and pick up on social cues (which I think is a large part of intellect)
And then there are those who none of these things come easily to them and they have to work extra hard to do well in life.
And then there are good test takers.

I've been thinking about intelligence a lot lately and have been trying to figure out what it means exactly.  And this is what I have concluded...

You are smart.  We are all smart.  We are all smart in different ways.  I understand writing and grammar.  I can whip out a 600 word paper in under 20 minutes.  And not correct it. And get an A.  (No, I really did write an article for a newspaper for work today.  It was 600 words and I did it in under 20 minutes. Technically I didn't correct it, I had my intern correct it.) But I CANNOT for the life of me, understand math or chemistry or anything science related.  Cannot.  At all.  And you know what?

That is very much okay!  You might be able to do math in your sleep but might have a hard time writing papers.  But that doesn't mean you're not smart, nor does it mean I'm not smart. I come from a verrrrrry intelligent family.  My sister is a microbiologist, one sister skipped a grade, one went to a super top notch business school, my mother was an ICU nurse (which is the hardest and most prestigious kind of nurse) and got in the 97 percentile on her boards, my dad is a doctor, my brother-in-law got in the 97 percentile on his LSATs, my other brother-in-law got his masters at Oxford, has three bachelors degrees and is getting his MD and MBA at the same time and my other brother-in-law also went to a really prestigious business school.  Talk about intimidating.  I often feel dumb when I'm with my family.  But then I remember, none of them could write a sitcom script.  Doesn't that make me smart in my own way?

Yes!  Because we are all smart in our own ways!  I think we all feel self conscious about our intelligence and I think we often compare ourselves to each other and think "I got a 21 on my ACT, she got a 30, she is smarter than me."  False.  So false.  God built us all individually and differently.  Some have to work harder than others, some can do math, some can't.  But that by no stretch of the imagination mean any of us are dumb.  God built us all in his image, and since he is a very intelligent guy, doesn't that mean he would make us intelligent as well?

You are smart.  You are intelligent.  The end.

March 12, 2013

3 Things

On February 10, I made a deal with my dad that I would email him every night until March 10 with 3 things I was grateful for/good things that happened that day.  I can't even tell you how much my life and attitude has improved since I decided to do this.  It has been an amazing month.

Some days it would be hard to think of something good that happened that day.  So those were the days that I just wrote "I have a job, I can walk, I make enough to provide for myself, etc."  It was easy to write 3 good things about my day when it was a good day.
But I am grateful for the emails when it wasn't a good day and I had to really think hard.   It made me notice the little things that I take for granted and how much I need to notice those small and simple things.  I have felt so much happier this past month, significantly happier, and am so glad I completed this challenge!  I could see the effects of doing this in my everyday life, and even though the challenge is over, I think I am going to keep doing it for a while because I love how I am feeling!

Life is beautiful
Life is grand
I have a wonderful life
I have all my arms and legs
I have a great job that I love
I have a functioning brain and allows me to take care of myself
I am a child of God
I have the knowledge of the Gospel
I have the knowledge of the Atonement
My Father in Heaven loves me
Life is awesome.