Lot 48: A day of love

February 14, 2013

A day of love

These are my valentines.  Don't you love Oliver's face?  He really does look like a gangsta, just staring at you, daring you to cross him.  I wonder what Eli and Lincoln are looking at.  And baby girl just knew she looked cute and rocked that outfit for all it was worth.

I am going to make chocolate covered strawberries with my roommates and probably watch a chick flick.  I also think I might buy myself flowers.  The radio was asking single people what they were doing tonight so I called and I got through!  I talked to the DJs but they didn't put me on the radio.  It was still pretty cool.

I love my family
I love the gospel of Christ
I love being done with college
I love my life
I love my space heater that makes my room so warm and cozy
I love my niecephews
I love my grandparents
I love my aunts and uncles and cousins
I love television
I love Los Angeles
I love to travel
I love that I have time to read books
I love writing scripts

I feel grateful for all the love I have in my life this Valentine's Day and am very grateful for the love I see around me.  And I am oh so very thankful for the babies that are in my life.  What little blessings they are.  And I am soooo excited that I get another niece in May!  I can't wait.

And and I am grateful I get to go to Los Angeles tomorrow.  Literally counting down to the seconds.  I can't wait.

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