Lot 48: Prayers Are Answered

January 24, 2013

Prayers Are Answered

I graduated from college in August.  I was working for a web development firm as a manager.  I had been working for them since January and was getting a lot of really good experience.  I was very blessed to have that job and am very grateful for that experience.  I managed 6 accounts and maintained those clients websites with coding in HTML and CSS and also designed a little bit.  I also was the intern recruiter for the company and was in charge of hiring interns.  It was a fantastic opportunity and looked amazingly awesome on my resume.  Who gets to say they had that much responsibility and experience before they even graduated college?

But I had graduated and it was time to get a new job.  I looked for a month with no luck.  My salary was very small.  I racked up a lot of debt during that time because I wasn't making enough to live on.  I got a waitressing job after a month of applying for "big girl" jobs because I needed the money.  Working two jobs was completely exhausting.  I was so tired and wasn't really sleeping because I was over tired.  And I hated that I was a waitress again.  When I graduated, I rejoiced that I had a college degree and never had to work at a restaurant again.  I kept applying for jobs and kept getting rejected.  I would get a rejection email and go into the bathroom and cry.  Over and over I got rejected.  I wanted to move to NYC or maybe Seattle and was applying for a ton of jobs there.  I applied for a ton of jobs here.  I had work experience, I had skills, I was fully qualified, but I wasn't getting interviews, I didn't understand.  I applied for 60+ jobs.  I got really really tired of writing cover letters and filling out the same application over and over again.  And I was especially tired of getting rejected.

So I prayed.  I prayed hard and long.  I begged and pleaded with my Lord in Heaven to help me get a new job.  I pleaded and prayed multiple times a day.  "Please Lord, please, help me get a new job.  Please Lord, please I am begging thee, help me get a new job."  I did this multiple times a day.  After two months of job hunting and feeling like I was worthless from all the rejection and so much exhaustion and worry and frustration, I got a call from one of my clients.  He called my boss and asked for me but I wasn't in.  We played phone tag for a few days and kept missing each other.  He kept calling my boss looking for me but I always seemed to be out.  Finally, we got in touch and, thinking he needed something or there was a problem with his website, I was really surprised when he said "hey, we have some job openings, Communications Director and COO. Is that something you would be interested in?"  I was shocked.  Trying not to sound too excited or elated, I said "yes.  yes, that really is."  Then he said "okay, send me your resume and we will talk."  It was awkward when I hung up the phone later and my boss said "was that ____?  What did he want?" I wasn't going to say "he wants me to apply for a job there" so I just said "he just needed something, don't worry about it."

I oddly got two interviews with for some jobs I had applied for after that call.  I was really close to getting one of them and I was really excited about it, until the company changed their mind and said they couldn't hire anyone at this time.  Lame.

Two weeks later, I went to meet with my client to discuss the job opportunity.  I wanted the COO job because it paid more, but he said "Lauren, that job is a pain in the neck.  You don't want that job.  I think you will be happier as Communications Director."  The meeting wasn't an interview like I thought it would be.  He didn't ask me questions or anything.  He just said he wanted me to work for him.  I asked what the salary was and he said "I was paying _____ $____ but I'll pay you more.  And keep in mind, ____ has had a couple of raises."  I said "okay, I'm fine with that number." and then he said "can you start on Monday?" and I just asked him to give me a week at my job to wrap things up.  I went to work, walked into my boss' office and quit.  I started a week later and quit my watiressing job two weeks later.  

Prayers are answered, folks.  Hard work and doing a good job makes things happen.  The Lord answered my prayers.  My many, many, many prayers.  The Lord loves me and looks out  for me.  He was listening and He answered.  Prayers are always answered.  Always.

And the best part is, He helped me get a job that I really, really love.

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  1. I still can't believe that you got your job without even applying for it. That is really something to be proud of!


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