Lot 48: I WILL BE their favorite aunt

January 16, 2013

I WILL BE their favorite aunt

My sister is pregnant, and she just found out she is having a GIRL!!! I am so excited!! I cannot wait to meet my little niece.

I love having nieces. The main reason is because I love sharing girly things with them. I am also confident that we will have things in common and I know how to relate to them. I love buying my little niece Avery clothes and helping getting her dressed. I love her little bows and skirts and dresses and pink things. I love that my mom got her a Christmas outfit that was a tutu. I love the way she purses her lips and immediately and always gives you a big grin back at me if I smile at her.
I can't wait until she is a little older and she understands princesses and tea parties. I can't wait to go to the Disney store and buy her princess dresses and buy her dolls and sit around a table that is too small for me and drink out of empty tea cups with honored guests of dolls and stuffed animals. I can't wait to do all of this with Avery. And I can't wait to do this with my little unborn niece and any other nieces I may have. I will be their favorite. Because I will spoil them more than their parents and I will sneak them treats and I will give them advice about boys and they will share their secrets with me that they wouldn't dare tell their mothers. I will be the cool aunt and we will be best friends. Best, best friends. And we will have sleepovers and ice cream for breakfast and I will teach them how to be strong, independent women and will teach them everything I wish someone had told me.

I love having nephews. I love their love of trucks and cars and explosions and that they already somehow think farting is funny. I love that my nephew's favorite book is "Good Night Construction Site" and that he lines up his cars in a perfect row just so be can take his excavator toy and crash it into his line of cars. I love that he loves to play outside and hang from his daddy's pull up bar and stares at me for approval with a look on his face that says "look how strong I am!" I love that he loves to be chased and picked up and thrown on the bed. I love that he loves to crawl under furniture and hide and that he squeals when I "find him." And most of all, I love that he understands who I am now and asks to see me and grins when I walk in the room. I love that he says my name and asks me to play with him ("let's play cars, Aunt Lauren!") We Are best buds and I couldn't be happier about it.

i love that my other nephew loves his doggie Scout and also loves cars and trucks and loves to play outside. I love his squeal and I love his giggle. I love that when he smiles, he looks just like my sister. I love how curious he is and I love his constant question, "what's that?" I love how fantastically pink and rosy his cheeks get when he plays and how quickly and easily his cheeks turn pink.  And most of all, I love how he puts his index and middle finger in his mouth.  All the time.

I love my baby nephew and how calm he is. I love his FAT cheeks and his HUGELY chubby thighs. I love his big brown eyes and that when he looks at you, you feel he is looking into your soul. I love his small little hands and that he lets me hold them. I love his big, fat and happy smiles. I love his low maintenance and that he is such a calm, good baby. He is just a fat, squishy, sweet, smiley little bundle of baby. And my oh my how I love him.

I love my babies. They are my light and my joy. All I have to do is think of their cute little faces and everything is better. Some babies are ugly. Some babies smell. Some babies are annoying. But mine aren't. They are perfect. Absolutely perfect in every way. And I WILL BE their favorite aunt. And I WILL BE their best friend.

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  1. What a cute post! I love each specific thing that you love about each of the babies. You're a great aunt.


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