Lot 48: I'm a web doctor

September 30, 2012

I'm a web doctor

I like knowledge.  I like knowing things other people don't.  I like trying to explain something to a client and having to say "I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain this.  Uh..."

I'm a web doctor.  I fix things on the web.  When a client's site breaks, I fix it.  I diagnose the problem and then report back to the eagerly awaiting client and try to explain what happened.  There is a lot of terminology and jargon and things I don't exactly know how to explain to people who don't have the same knowledge.  And I love it.  The first few months of my job were rough and my head hurt at the end of each day from all the learning I experienced each day, but it has all paid off.  Literally.  I'm proud of myself for how many things I can fix and build and do on my own, it's incredibly rewarding.  My favorite is when I sit down to code something and I am not entirely sure how to do it but then I figure it out and jump out of my chair and exclaim "that's wassssup!!!!  Totally figured that out by myself!" and then I high five my boss.

I love being able to use my brain and knowledge and my special skill set to earn a living for myself.  It's a very empowering feeling to look at my comfortable life and know that I am providing for myself because of my knowledge.  Because of my brain.  It's really quite awesome.  It makes me feel independent and powerful and supported.  I like knowledge for this very reason; it creates a better life.  I really am a firm believer in education and the incredibly positive effects it can have on a person's life.   

Now that I have been done with college for about a month, I realized the only thing I miss are the discussions.  The things I enjoyed most about college, the academic aspect of it, was the intellectual conversations I was able to participate in.  I loved classes where we sat and talked and shared ideas and opinions and learned from each other.  I really miss that.  The other night I got home and I started talking to my roommate about war and whether or not I thought we should have been in the war on terrorism.  I was being quite annoying, she was trying to watch tv. Then a few days later I asked my roommates what they thought about gay marriage and how they felt about foreign policy.  Clearly I am starved for intellectually stimulating conversation.  Knowledge is cool.

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  1. I agree. I think mom is always as good one to have intellectual conversations with. =)


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