Lot 48: Dinnertime

September 4, 2012


I was home in St. George over the weekend, and it got me thinking about how eating meals changes as you get older. 

When you live at home, dinner is a family gathering.  You smell it as your do your homework and then you rush downstairs when you mom calls out that it's ready.  The whole family sits at the dinner table and we all talk about our days and our opinions and ideas and our friends.  We usually sit and talk for a little bit once everyone is done eating.  And then we all stand up and start to clean up (of course, when you're a kid, you run away to your room to try to get out of doing the dishes). 

I am sure all of you are familiar with this scenario.  It's nice isn't it?  Meals are nice.  And not only home cooked meals, but eating out too.  Don't you love being waited on? Having someone serve you? Not having to lift a finger?  It is sooooo nice.  I love eating out. Except when the check comes, haha.

But think about when you move out of the house.  Isn't it strange how drastically your meals change?  Instead of someone else making it for you and having some nice conversation as a side dish, you have to make it yourself, eat it by yourself, and clean it up by yourself.  I always watch TV while I eat.  30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family are who I eat dinner with.  I always watch sitcoms because they are about the length it takes me to eat.  Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope are my meal time buddies, not my family.

And I have realized that I actually really look forward to that time where I get to sit and eat in peace.  I eat breakfast at work and I always work through lunch as well, so dinner time is such a nice time to sit back and enjoy life and the fact another hard day's work is done.  After a day of using my brain and talking to co workers and clients, I just want to shut my brain off, eat and watch Ron Swanson play his saxophone.

If you don't know what that reference is, shame on you.  Watch Parks and Recreation.


  1. So true. Just wait until you have kids and then you'll get to see a couple more versions of mealtime - complete with green bean face masks and having to prepare and eat your own meal with one hand...


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