Lot 48: Snuggles

August 4, 2012


I come from a touchy feel-y family.  We hug and cuddle and hold hands and kiss each other.  I love to be touched and I love to be hugged and cuddled with.
Living on my own and without a boyfriend, I don't get touched much.  My friends aren't touchy people so they get annoyed whenever I try to hug them.  One of my dear roommates loves to hug, and I am really grateful for her.  But I don't think I get hugged enough!
At work, after a coworker and I have accomplished something really difficult, I always want to hug them.  But it's a work environment and I don't want to be unprofessional or, most importantly, freak them out.  So instead, I've made up a handshake that my intern and I do whenever we have accomplished something.  It isn't as good as a hug.
I love to cuddle with my niece and nephew, but they don't always want to.  My two year old nephew is so busy and hyper that he never wants to cuddle.  The only time I can get him to sit still on my lap is if a video is on.  And my new born niecephews don't always like to cuddle because they want to be facing outward looking around at the world when I hold them.  But my 10 month old nephew is the best.  I don't to see him that much because he lives in Kansas City, but he is at a good cuddling age.  He will sit still on my lap and let me hold him.  It's very nice.
Whenever I sit next to my parents in church, we always hold hands or link arms or something.  I'm 22 years old and I sometimes think, am I too old for this?  Is it weird that I'm holding my dad's hand?  And I always cuddle with my mom when I haven't seen her in a while.  If it is weird, I don't think I care.  If I was a guy it probably would be, but I'm a girl, so I think it's okay.  Right?
And what do you think about kissing family members?  I kiss my niecephews on the lips.  Do you think that's weird?  It's the sweetest thing, my toddler nephew gives me a peck on the lips when I tell him I'm going bye-bye.  It melts my heart.  I'm sure people find that weird.  And I am pretty sure my grandma kisses me on the lips.  If I remember correctly.
People need to be touched!  We need hugs and hand holding and a shoulder to rest our heads on.  It's just the human condition! I love to snuggle and I don't get enough of it.  So if you see me on the street, be sure to give me a hug!

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  1. So true! Everyone needs to be hugged. I wish that it were more socially acceptable. I hope you get as many hugs from Andrea, Rachelle, and their families as often as you can! I wish I was closer to help with the hugging effort as well. =)


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