Lot 48: Money

June 14, 2012


Money, money, money.  Isn't that the thing that everybody worries most about?  Probably other than their children, but still, this little piece of green paper is what worries us as people the most.  What if there was no money?  How would the world work?  Would there be any work at all?  How would create the basic needs of our lives?
If the world had no such thing as money, I think everyone would have to fend for themselves.  We would each have to make our own crops and shoot our own cows for food.  We would have to make our own clothes and entertain ourselves.  Isn't that crazy to think about?  There would be no fun.  No Disneyland, no movies, no schools, no anything.  What would criminals do?  If there was no money, why would anyone steal?  I guess there would still be murder and kidnapping and all those other crimes, but anything related to money would be no more.  Weird to think about.
I've been thinking a lot about this this past week, and I have come to a conclusion.  We need money in the world.  We can't function without it.  How would we get anyone to do anything if there wasn't money?  We would all starve and we would all be bored and technology would not progress.
Do you agree?  Or do you think that everyone would just do what they loved for the fun of it?  Would science geeks spend their time inventing things even though they don't get paid for it?  But if you don't need to pay for anything ever, why work?  Why not just lay by a pool all day drinking lemonade and reading books?  Because there would be no books to read, no lemonade to sip, and no pools to lay by if there was no money in this world.
But at the same time, I wish that could be the case.  What an awesome world it would be if everyone just worked because they loved it.  But then again, if there was no money, would there be poverty?  Would there be starvation?  How would we function as a society without money?  I don't think we would know how.
On a semi-unrelated note, what if college was free, like public school is?  Would more people go to college?  Would college become less valuable?  Because everybody says, you go to college and spend thousands of dollars because you get a big pay off later.  Theoretically, if you go to college, you will make more than someone who doesn't go.  Not always true, but that tends to be the reason most people go to college.  Or they really want to do a certain job and they can't do it if they don't have a college degree.  I think college would be less valuable and less "prestigious" if it was free.  Most colleges are hard to get into, and even harder to pay for, and that is all part of the "pay off" you are supposed to get when you're done.  A high paying job is your reward.  And here's another question: would college be mandatory if it was free?  Should college be mandatory?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

p.s. I know there are some places in the world where college is free, or practically free, and possibly mandatory, and I wonder how that affects their societies.  But this isn't a research paper, so I'm not going to spend time looking into that.

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  1. Interesting thoughts, LU. I think it would be awesome if colleges were free because then everyone would get the chance to learn if they wanted to, but I don't think that everyone would choose to attend. Some people think "book-learning" is boring. I guess that the world without money would be a lot more like early Native-Americans. We would only eat what we could grow, find, or make. Our whole days would revolve around our basic needs like shelter and food. Money is a huge drag, but I'm still glad to live in our time. I don't know if I could only eat what I grew/found...


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