Lot 48: Workin' 9-5

May 14, 2012

Workin' 9-5

      Let me tell you about my fabulous job, if you are interested....
      All last semester, as in the one that just ended, I was an intern at a full service advertising firm.  We do websites, logos, brochures, banners, videos, anything media related.  We are student run, which is great because we get a lot of responsibility.  It's really cool because it's a learning environment and I have learned an enormous amount about design and web development.  I recently got promoted to a "real job".  I oversee a few interns and am in charge of all maintenance.  So when we build a web site for a client and they want something changed or updated, I do it.  It has been way more stressful than I expected.  What clients don't realize is they aren't our only client.  I have other work to do besides the work they give me, and I can't get what they want done in two seconds like they want.  I am the intern recruiter so last semester we hired 13 new interns for the summer.  They are all really great and I am really excited to have them.  It was so quiet and boring around the office last semester with just the 8 of us!  I am so grateful I can delegate to these fabulous interns now so I can actually get work done and keep clients happy.
    It's so strange working full time!  I get home from work and know that I have to go back first thing in the morning!  It's very strange!  Any advice on surviving the 9-5 routine?  I try to leave the office to eat my lunch and walk around and talk to people every once in a while, but honestly, I really don't have time to do that.  I had a massage over the weekend and the masseuse said I was really tense.  She suggested I get up from my desk and walk around a few times a day.  I tried to take her advice today, but I didn't have time!  There was so much to get done! I feel really lucky because I love my job and the days go by really fast.  I also feel very blessed that I have a full time job in what I went to college for, and I'm not even graduated yet!  I have four more classes, and I have to go back to school tomorrow! Yuck!
       This is going to sound really cheezy, but I am so grateful that my bosses believe in me.  They keep giving me tasks that I am convinced I can't do, but by some miracle, they get done.  With a lot of help from my co workers, of course.  And when I am given a task I think I don't know how to do and I start panicking, my bosses either give a sarcastic and hilarious comment, change the subject, or don't even dignify my panic with an answer.  They usually ignore me and it's really for the best.  They know I can do it, so they just keep quiet until I know it too!  I was so shocked when today I coded an entire web page and began convinced I wasn't going to be able to.  But I did it!  I couldn't believe it! What a wonderful feeling.
 I love my coworkers and it is a really fun office.  They buy us lunch a lot and we ditch work sometimes and go to a movie as a company, except we haven't done that in a while, which is lame.  And especially since these 13 new interns started, things have been a lot more fun and enjoyable with more people to shoulder the work load.
       I really thought I was going back to Los Angeles after graduation, but it looks like I'm not going back quite yet.  This job is a really great opportunity and I feel like the timing isn't right to go back to L.A.  I wish it was, I miss it so much, but every time I think about going back right now, I get a bad feeling.  I'm still writing scripts and keeping my L.A. contacts, so it's all good.  I'm young, I have plenty of time to achieve my dreams of being a television writer, but for now, I'm just going to design web sites.

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  1. Good for you Lauren. It just shows how creative and bright you are. I love your work and fun ethic.

  2. I'm so proud of you and your job. I think it is amazing how many new skills you have now. Plus, all those interns to take care of - you are a busy girl!

  3. I hear ya, sista. I'd like to say it gets easier sitting in that office chair day in and day out... I'm still hoping for that day! It is extremely important to get up and walk around as often as you can get away with, though! I drink a ton of water while sitting at my desk so that I have no choice but to get up and use the bathroom pretty frequently! It also keeps you well hydrated. :) That's my advice!


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