Lot 48: My New Nephew

May 6, 2012

My New Nephew

Oliver Samuel Alba.

Four days after my niece was born, I was blessed with another nephew.  He is beautiful and precious and so soft and cuddly.  He makes the cutest whimpering sounds when he sleeps and does a cute little yell before he sneezes.  I love him so much.  

You can see my nephew Eli in this picture, trying to climb into bed with his mommy.  Because I'm sure a woman who just gave birth wants her toddler son crawling all over her.

Look at those cheeks!!  They are so adorable.  I could kiss them all day and I think Oliver looks a lot like his brother.  I just love newborns.  They are just cuddly little soft bundles of baby.  I always feel so close to God whenever I hold a newborn.  It is amazing what God created and babies are such blessings and I just love holding them.  

Eli got a little jealous of his new brother and that his parents weren't giving him all their attention so he decided to show us some of his best tricks.  Including lifting a foot stool above his head, throwing a HUGE tantrum on the hospital floor, and doing handstands.  "can the baby do this, Dad?"  He had a tantrum when my sister and her husband went to give Oliver his first bath, and so I just kept handing Eli candy to keep him under control.  When I said goodbye to him later, I asked for a kiss and he just said "candy?"  Hahahahaha. He knew I was the candy aunt and I had the goods.  I gave him another piece, hoping he would express his thanks with a goodbye smooch, but no.  He took the candy and pushed me away when I leaned in.  Sigh.  Oh well.

He was a little grouchy and I was lucky to get this face on camera.  His lips are so pouty, he does not want to share his mommy and daddy with anyone else! He will adjust great though, he is such a social kid and will be such an amazing big brother.

My sister is amazing.  She is so tough and patient and kind and sweet and loving and an amazing mother.  She went into labor on Friday, the day I graduated from college.  When she called me and told me this, I told her don't worry about coming, just stay home and rest before the contractions get bad enough that you can go to the hospital.  But she insisted on coming.  She came to my graduation dinner while having contractions.  What an amazing sister I have!! I held her hand the majority of dinner as she breathed through her contractions.  They were really painful and I was so, so touched that she came to support me regardless.  She is amazing and it meant so much to me.  

Welcome to the world, Oliver Samuel Alba!  You are so lucky to have a cousin just a few days older than you!  I never had a cousin my age and I hated it! There was no one to play with at family gatherings! You and Avery will be best friends. 

Oliver Samuel Alba
7 pounds 7 oz.
May 5, 2012
1:55 a.m.


  1. So awesome that you got to be there. I'm glad Andi was able to hold off until after graduation though. My, my you three certainly kept mom and dad busy last week!

  2. I'm sure glad Andi was able to hold Oliver off until after your graduation. My, my, the three of you were certainly able to keep mom and dad busy last week! ;)


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