Lot 48: Movie Reviews

May 30, 2012

Movie Reviews

I never, ever agree with film critics.  Ever.  They loved Avengers, I did not.  They hated Battleship, I loved it.  They thought Dark Shadows was okay, I thought it was completely awful.  They hate all chick flicks but I love them.  I have never, ever once looked at movie reviews before I go to a movie because I never agree.  So here are some of the movies I have seen recently.  Read on if you wish.

This is by far, my favorite Disney fairytale movie of all time!  I LOVE it!!  It is so much fun.  I love that it is set in New Orleans.  I find that place so exciting and full of life and the movie definitely shows that.  That movie has soul!  I love the story and the music and pretty much everything about it.  It is so much fun and that is why it's my favorite Princess movie!  It's the most fun out of all of them.  Also, I don't always agree with the values princess movies teach young girls.  That probably sounds weird, but princesses are little girls' role models and so they need to be worthy of being a role model.  Tiana, the princess, is a very hard worker and has the motto of working hard for everything she gets.  That is one of the biggest and most important things my dad taught me, and I'm glad there is a movie that teaches kids that lesson too.

 I want to see how my toddler nephew will like it.  I think he would love it because it is really colorful and I think he likes frogs and it is a really fun movie.  His favorite is still Finding Nemo, and frequently asks for it by saying "Nemo?"  He likes fishies.

Now into the reviews you probably won't agree with....

I'm sorry, I just can't get into superhero movies.  I was actually quite bored while watching this.  Sorry.  I just was looking at Captain America and Thor and his evil brother, and I just kept thinking, do you know how ridiculous you look?  You have a star on your chest and you are carrying a shield.  And you have, evil dude, have horns.  And you, gorgeous muscle man, are wearing a cape.  I like Iron Man.  He is the only superhero that doesn't look stupid.  And no, I don't like Batman either.  He wears a cape too and talks in a ridiculously funny low, growly voice and he has bat ears.  I can't take anybody seriously when they are dressed like that.  But that doesn't stop me from liking those movies because it's Christopher Nolan and he is a genius.

Loved it.  What can I say?  I'm a girl and this was just a really, fun, girly movie.  I loved it!  I thought it was funny and I liked each of the women's stories and I thought it was well written and it was just cute and fun!  I'm a girl! I loved it!

I didn't really have a desire to see this, but my friend wanted to go and I like action movies, so I went.  Oh my word, it was SO MUCH FUN!  I have literally never had that much fun sitting in a movie theater before!  Funny that I can't handle superheros, but I can handle aliens.  But the aliens weren't that weird looking and they didn't really talk about how they were aliens that much, so I didn't really mind.  And I thought this was a Michael Bay film, but it wasn't, and that's probably why a movie in this end-of-the-world-destruction genre was good.  I hate Michael Bay. (p.s. in one of my film classes in college, my professor hated Michael Bay so much that on one of the quizzes, there was a question of "why does Professor Clawson hate Michael Bay and there was an extra credit question if you knew Michael's middle name.)  The movie just kept me on the edge of my seat and was funny and suspenseful and had a few well developed characters.  It was just fun!  And I really like action movies!

This movie was really stupid.  I like dark comedy and Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, so I thought I would like this, and I was really excited for it to come out, but it was really boring.  Horrible writing.  I can't believe a producer ever let the script get to the screen.  It had no basic screenwriting principles at all.  A sixth grader could have written a better script because at least they know that in a story, stuff actually has to happen.  But nothing happened.  I hated it.   I want my money back.

I guess I have a pretty broad taste in movies, huh?  Don't think less of me as a writer because I did or didn't like these movies.  I'm not a screenwriter, I'm a TV writer.  I don't really care about movies and I don't really critique them, I just try to enjoy.  Maybe I'll do a post on the best TV shows.  I have more well developed and semi-intellectual opinions about TV than I do about movies. TV rules over all.

P.s. Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday!  It was a wonderful day! My boss got me an ice cream cake, I went to dinner with my friends, we watched a fun movie at home, and my bestie gave me Warrior!  Plus, I went home the weekend before and my mom was so sweet and made me the most delicious dinner and desserts, even though my nephews were sick and crying and it was a mad house, she still took the time. Plus, on my birthday, my boss dropped a client of mine that I detest.  I don't have to deal with them anymore!  Yay!  One of the best birthday presents ever!  

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  1. Warrior was a really good movie. I kinda can't believe that it didn't make any money. So weird. I have to say though, that I liked Avengers. I'm a sucker for a good superhero...


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