Lot 48: May 2012

May 30, 2012

Movie Reviews

I never, ever agree with film critics.  Ever.  They loved Avengers, I did not.  They hated Battleship, I loved it.  They thought Dark Shadows was okay, I thought it was completely awful.  They hate all chick flicks but I love them.  I have never, ever once looked at movie reviews before I go to a movie because I never agree.  So here are some of the movies I have seen recently.  Read on if you wish.

This is by far, my favorite Disney fairytale movie of all time!  I LOVE it!!  It is so much fun.  I love that it is set in New Orleans.  I find that place so exciting and full of life and the movie definitely shows that.  That movie has soul!  I love the story and the music and pretty much everything about it.  It is so much fun and that is why it's my favorite Princess movie!  It's the most fun out of all of them.  Also, I don't always agree with the values princess movies teach young girls.  That probably sounds weird, but princesses are little girls' role models and so they need to be worthy of being a role model.  Tiana, the princess, is a very hard worker and has the motto of working hard for everything she gets.  That is one of the biggest and most important things my dad taught me, and I'm glad there is a movie that teaches kids that lesson too.

 I want to see how my toddler nephew will like it.  I think he would love it because it is really colorful and I think he likes frogs and it is a really fun movie.  His favorite is still Finding Nemo, and frequently asks for it by saying "Nemo?"  He likes fishies.

Now into the reviews you probably won't agree with....

I'm sorry, I just can't get into superhero movies.  I was actually quite bored while watching this.  Sorry.  I just was looking at Captain America and Thor and his evil brother, and I just kept thinking, do you know how ridiculous you look?  You have a star on your chest and you are carrying a shield.  And you have, evil dude, have horns.  And you, gorgeous muscle man, are wearing a cape.  I like Iron Man.  He is the only superhero that doesn't look stupid.  And no, I don't like Batman either.  He wears a cape too and talks in a ridiculously funny low, growly voice and he has bat ears.  I can't take anybody seriously when they are dressed like that.  But that doesn't stop me from liking those movies because it's Christopher Nolan and he is a genius.

Loved it.  What can I say?  I'm a girl and this was just a really, fun, girly movie.  I loved it!  I thought it was funny and I liked each of the women's stories and I thought it was well written and it was just cute and fun!  I'm a girl! I loved it!

I didn't really have a desire to see this, but my friend wanted to go and I like action movies, so I went.  Oh my word, it was SO MUCH FUN!  I have literally never had that much fun sitting in a movie theater before!  Funny that I can't handle superheros, but I can handle aliens.  But the aliens weren't that weird looking and they didn't really talk about how they were aliens that much, so I didn't really mind.  And I thought this was a Michael Bay film, but it wasn't, and that's probably why a movie in this end-of-the-world-destruction genre was good.  I hate Michael Bay. (p.s. in one of my film classes in college, my professor hated Michael Bay so much that on one of the quizzes, there was a question of "why does Professor Clawson hate Michael Bay and there was an extra credit question if you knew Michael's middle name.)  The movie just kept me on the edge of my seat and was funny and suspenseful and had a few well developed characters.  It was just fun!  And I really like action movies!

This movie was really stupid.  I like dark comedy and Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, so I thought I would like this, and I was really excited for it to come out, but it was really boring.  Horrible writing.  I can't believe a producer ever let the script get to the screen.  It had no basic screenwriting principles at all.  A sixth grader could have written a better script because at least they know that in a story, stuff actually has to happen.  But nothing happened.  I hated it.   I want my money back.

I guess I have a pretty broad taste in movies, huh?  Don't think less of me as a writer because I did or didn't like these movies.  I'm not a screenwriter, I'm a TV writer.  I don't really care about movies and I don't really critique them, I just try to enjoy.  Maybe I'll do a post on the best TV shows.  I have more well developed and semi-intellectual opinions about TV than I do about movies. TV rules over all.

P.s. Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday!  It was a wonderful day! My boss got me an ice cream cake, I went to dinner with my friends, we watched a fun movie at home, and my bestie gave me Warrior!  Plus, I went home the weekend before and my mom was so sweet and made me the most delicious dinner and desserts, even though my nephews were sick and crying and it was a mad house, she still took the time. Plus, on my birthday, my boss dropped a client of mine that I detest.  I don't have to deal with them anymore!  Yay!  One of the best birthday presents ever!  

May 24, 2012

The Color Code

I love this book.  I live by this book, I really do.  This book has helped me so much in my relationships, both romantic and friendships.  This book has helped me get along with people much better.  I love this book.

For those of you who are familiar with it, you know that there are four personality types a person is, each type assigned with a color.

Whites:  Whites are peaceful and chill and just go with the flow.  My best friend Elise is a white.  And yellow.
Blues:  Very sensitive, kind, nurturing people.  I have to be very very careful with blues because I tend to offend them easily because I am so opposite of them.  My best friend Patrisha and my mother are blues.
Yellows:  Fun.  That's all they want.  Fun.
Reds:  This is me.  When I read the chapter in the book about reds, I was really freaked out.  It was seriously scary how on the nose the chapter described me.  Reds are driven by power.  We are fiesty and don't avoid confrontation at all, and are very driven.  We get things done and get what we want.  We're fighters.  But we are also insensitive and manipulative people.  We easily take advantage of others and have to really try to be nurturing and caring.  This is why I have to be very careful with blues.  Things that wouldn't offended or hurt me at all, really hurt blues.  Patrisha has taught me how to be a much kinder and sensitive person because of this.

In the book, you take a test to see what color you are.  Usually, people have a combination of colors that is pretty well balanced.  This is Patrisha.  She is mostly blue, but is well pretty well balanced with her other colors.  I am not well balanced.  When I took the test, I had about 70% red, 20% blue, 9% yellow, and 1% white.  This is not a good thing.  My dad made me read this book two years ago, and when I was done, he asked me what I learned.  I told him reds are awesome and the best color.  He didn't like that analysis.  He told me the lesson to take away from this book is that we all need to have these traits equally balanced.  The point of the book is to become more Christlike.  We should all be striving to be like Christ, and didn't he have all these personality traits?  I know he did.  My dad is right, I can't be all red and a little, ity bit of everything else.  A good person who is nurturing, kind, peaceful, positive, and determined.

Whenever I meet someone new, I try to determine which color they are as quickly as I can.  That way, I know how to get along with them.  If they are a white, I know they will agree with me and do whatever I suggest, because that's how they are.  I try to make sure they actually want to do what I want to do so I'm not taking advantage of them.

If they are a blue, I have to extra, extra careful with what I say.  I listen, I try to say kind things, and blues are the people who make me a better person.

If they are yellow, life with them is a freakin' party.  I love yellows.  Elise has taught me not to stress so much and be positive and have fun.  She has made me a better person.  I love her yellowness.

If they are a red, I walk the other way.  I do not get along with reds at all.  It just becomes a power struggle and friendship isn't possible.  I'm sorry, but it just isn't.  If I have to be around them, like if I live with them or work with them, I really try to adjust into a different color so we can get along.  But I don't know how successful I am.  They still bug me and I just want them to go away, but at least I have figured out a way to tolerate them, right?

One thing I will say about reds, though, is that we can protect like nobody's business.  I like that about myself, I like protecting others when they won't protect themselves.  I like being the one who will fight with someone on behalf of someone else.  I like that not everybody can have the confrontation that needs to happen, so I do it for them.  I like standing up for my friends when they wont.  I'm a good friend, but an even better enemy. I like being a red. Is that a bad thing?

What color are you?  Leave a comment, and if you are reading this, that means I know you and know what color you are.  Tell me what you think you are, let's see if we agree....

May 14, 2012

Workin' 9-5

      Let me tell you about my fabulous job, if you are interested....
      All last semester, as in the one that just ended, I was an intern at a full service advertising firm.  We do websites, logos, brochures, banners, videos, anything media related.  We are student run, which is great because we get a lot of responsibility.  It's really cool because it's a learning environment and I have learned an enormous amount about design and web development.  I recently got promoted to a "real job".  I oversee a few interns and am in charge of all maintenance.  So when we build a web site for a client and they want something changed or updated, I do it.  It has been way more stressful than I expected.  What clients don't realize is they aren't our only client.  I have other work to do besides the work they give me, and I can't get what they want done in two seconds like they want.  I am the intern recruiter so last semester we hired 13 new interns for the summer.  They are all really great and I am really excited to have them.  It was so quiet and boring around the office last semester with just the 8 of us!  I am so grateful I can delegate to these fabulous interns now so I can actually get work done and keep clients happy.
    It's so strange working full time!  I get home from work and know that I have to go back first thing in the morning!  It's very strange!  Any advice on surviving the 9-5 routine?  I try to leave the office to eat my lunch and walk around and talk to people every once in a while, but honestly, I really don't have time to do that.  I had a massage over the weekend and the masseuse said I was really tense.  She suggested I get up from my desk and walk around a few times a day.  I tried to take her advice today, but I didn't have time!  There was so much to get done! I feel really lucky because I love my job and the days go by really fast.  I also feel very blessed that I have a full time job in what I went to college for, and I'm not even graduated yet!  I have four more classes, and I have to go back to school tomorrow! Yuck!
       This is going to sound really cheezy, but I am so grateful that my bosses believe in me.  They keep giving me tasks that I am convinced I can't do, but by some miracle, they get done.  With a lot of help from my co workers, of course.  And when I am given a task I think I don't know how to do and I start panicking, my bosses either give a sarcastic and hilarious comment, change the subject, or don't even dignify my panic with an answer.  They usually ignore me and it's really for the best.  They know I can do it, so they just keep quiet until I know it too!  I was so shocked when today I coded an entire web page and began convinced I wasn't going to be able to.  But I did it!  I couldn't believe it! What a wonderful feeling.
 I love my coworkers and it is a really fun office.  They buy us lunch a lot and we ditch work sometimes and go to a movie as a company, except we haven't done that in a while, which is lame.  And especially since these 13 new interns started, things have been a lot more fun and enjoyable with more people to shoulder the work load.
       I really thought I was going back to Los Angeles after graduation, but it looks like I'm not going back quite yet.  This job is a really great opportunity and I feel like the timing isn't right to go back to L.A.  I wish it was, I miss it so much, but every time I think about going back right now, I get a bad feeling.  I'm still writing scripts and keeping my L.A. contacts, so it's all good.  I'm young, I have plenty of time to achieve my dreams of being a television writer, but for now, I'm just going to design web sites.

Thanks for reading!

May 6, 2012

My New Nephew

Oliver Samuel Alba.

Four days after my niece was born, I was blessed with another nephew.  He is beautiful and precious and so soft and cuddly.  He makes the cutest whimpering sounds when he sleeps and does a cute little yell before he sneezes.  I love him so much.  

You can see my nephew Eli in this picture, trying to climb into bed with his mommy.  Because I'm sure a woman who just gave birth wants her toddler son crawling all over her.

Look at those cheeks!!  They are so adorable.  I could kiss them all day and I think Oliver looks a lot like his brother.  I just love newborns.  They are just cuddly little soft bundles of baby.  I always feel so close to God whenever I hold a newborn.  It is amazing what God created and babies are such blessings and I just love holding them.  

Eli got a little jealous of his new brother and that his parents weren't giving him all their attention so he decided to show us some of his best tricks.  Including lifting a foot stool above his head, throwing a HUGE tantrum on the hospital floor, and doing handstands.  "can the baby do this, Dad?"  He had a tantrum when my sister and her husband went to give Oliver his first bath, and so I just kept handing Eli candy to keep him under control.  When I said goodbye to him later, I asked for a kiss and he just said "candy?"  Hahahahaha. He knew I was the candy aunt and I had the goods.  I gave him another piece, hoping he would express his thanks with a goodbye smooch, but no.  He took the candy and pushed me away when I leaned in.  Sigh.  Oh well.

He was a little grouchy and I was lucky to get this face on camera.  His lips are so pouty, he does not want to share his mommy and daddy with anyone else! He will adjust great though, he is such a social kid and will be such an amazing big brother.

My sister is amazing.  She is so tough and patient and kind and sweet and loving and an amazing mother.  She went into labor on Friday, the day I graduated from college.  When she called me and told me this, I told her don't worry about coming, just stay home and rest before the contractions get bad enough that you can go to the hospital.  But she insisted on coming.  She came to my graduation dinner while having contractions.  What an amazing sister I have!! I held her hand the majority of dinner as she breathed through her contractions.  They were really painful and I was so, so touched that she came to support me regardless.  She is amazing and it meant so much to me.  

Welcome to the world, Oliver Samuel Alba!  You are so lucky to have a cousin just a few days older than you!  I never had a cousin my age and I hated it! There was no one to play with at family gatherings! You and Avery will be best friends. 

Oliver Samuel Alba
7 pounds 7 oz.
May 5, 2012
1:55 a.m.

May 3, 2012

My New Niece

Avery Jade Tilley

On Tuesday, May 1, my sister  Rachelle had her baby!  She is the most adorable and sweet little thing baby girl I have ever seen.   I was so excited because I had never been around when my sisters had their babies.  When nephew Eli was born in Washington D.C. and my other nephew Lincoln was born in Kansas City so I didn't get to meet either of them until they were 6 weeks old.  I was so excited that I was going to be able to meet my sweet little niece the day she was born because Rachelle lives in Provo!

She looks just like my sister and I can already tell Avery has her mama's fiery spirit.  She  didn't like it at all when they bathed her nor did she like it when the doctor felt her head when she was about to come out.  My sister is tough and fiery, and when I learned she was having a girl, I knew her daughter would be a strong and fiery person like my sister.  And I can already tell like I'm right!  

That's one of the reasons why I love her name.  It sounds like a tough girl name doesn't it?  Especially Jade.  I LOVE the name and think it fits her perfectly.

I had never been around a baby that young before.  She seemed so delicate and tiny and small.  I didn't want to touch her for fear she might break.  

Little baby girl was sleeping the whole time I was there so I haven't seen her eyes yet.  I wanted to wait until she woke up, but I had to go back to work so I left before she woke up. :(

My brother in law Brad. Proud Daddy. :) He is already an amazing father and I can't wait to see he and Avery become close.  I am so grateful my sister chose such a wonderful guy to be the father of my niece.

 I was so grateful Rachelle had an easy labor.  It was pretty fast and she didn't have any problems.  Rachelle tried to nurse Avery and my little niece started to cry.  It broke my heart hearing her cry.  She was so peaceful, and then Rachelle tried to nurse and she started screaming.  It startled me and all I wanted to do was hold her until she stopped. 

Her she was stretching!  Rachelle said this is exactly what she did in the womb.  She would stretch her legs just like this!  

I can't get enough of her!  I started missing her right after I left the hospital!  I've said this before and I'll say it again.  I am constantly surprised how I love my niecephews. (Niece and Nephew.  I can say this now! My first niece!)  I didn't think it was possible to love anybody this much!  And in a few weeks, I will have another nephew because my other sister Andrea is due!  And then on Mother's Day, my sister is coming to visit from Kansas City with my nephew Lincoln!  I can't wait to have all my niecephews all together and hold all of them.

Avery and I will be best friends.  I can't wait to have tea parties with her, play dress up, pretend we are princesses, put makeup on, and go shopping!  We will be best friends and I can't wait!