Lot 48: Introduction

April 19, 2012


Let me first say that this is completely inappropriate that I am using Blogspot to create my blog.  My boss would be very angry.  I am a web designer (aspiring) and I really should design exactly how I want my website to look, code it up, and use Wordpress.  But I'm not because I don't know how to do all of that yet because I am still learning!  Someday I will code and design my own blog!
I realized I only do blogs when someone really exciting and fabulous is happening.  Like when I'm on a grand adventure like when I was in London or Los Angeles.  (p.s. you would think I would have gotten over those fabulous adventures by now, but I still miss both of those places it hurts.)  But I like having a place to keep my thoughts and I like the idea of flinging all these ideas and thoughts out into the universe and I am trying to do more things I enjoy, and I enjoy blogging.  Besides, to be a sitcom writer like I'm trying to be, you're supposed to write everyday, something I do not do.  Does writing a blog count?
I don't know if any of you care that I have a blog or will even read it, but that's okay.  It still will be a nice place to keep all my thoughts.  Just be kind, because as someone at some point said, "reading someone's blog is like being invited into someone's home that you don't know very well." So please be courteous.
I promise all other blogs will be more exciting than this.

Once I was in Les Miserables at an outdoor ampitheater and during one scene I had to carry a goose onstage and pretend he was mine and we loved each other.  Yes.  A goose.  Moments before we were to go onstage, the goose (I named him Wonka) decided to rebel and ran away from me.  I chased him but for some reason the thing wanted to run in a circle, so I ran in a circle trying to catch him.  A girl who was in the show with me and who had to bring a pig onstage (yes, you heard right again) started laughing so hard she cried.

That's my bit of comedy for the day.

Lauren out.


  1. Lauren, I'm going to read your blog, and I'm excited about it!


Hearing from you makes my day!!

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