Lot 48: April 2012

April 27, 2012


I have been thinking about this topic a lot recently.  What first brought this up was my sister told me how one day while listening to the radio, she heard a guy voicing his opinion of why The Hunger Games should be rated R.  This man;s logic was that killing is a horrific act and should be portrayed as such in media.  If it is not portrayed as such, if the killing is not shown and is instead glossed over, then we are making light of the act of killing and that is more evil than showing the act of killing.  (I tried to find this an article of this guy but I couldn't.  I wish I could find it.)  I actually see his point and kind of agree with him.
When I watch a movie, I can usually handle seeing someone get killed as long as it's not too graphic.  It makes me wince and grit my teeth, but I can handle it.  I like action movies because I like seeing bad guys go down.  I like seeing good win against evil.  But what I do not want to see is someone being killed in a graphic way.  Like in The Hunger Games for instance, I did not want to see that curly haired little boy get stabbed to death, so I was very grateful when the camera cut away from him and all we saw was the blood on the ground.  Is the act of not showing the killing worse than showing the killing?
I was watching the movie RED the other day and there is a scene was two men start beating each other up hard core.  This scene was done to the song Back In the Saddle Again by Aerosmith.  This two men were really hurting each other, there was blood everywhere and you could hear bones breaking.  And all this was done to a rock song.  A rock song.  To me, it seemed like the choice of playing a rock song during this scene seemed to encourage and promote the violence.  This was not okay with me because we should never take violence lightly.  Ever.
I do understand there are some instances where violence needs to be used and killing is justified.  (Look what Nephi did in the Book of Mormon.  He killed Laban didn't he?  And God commanded him to.)  But nonetheless, this should never be taken lightly.
However, I am a hypocrite when it comes to violence.  One of my all time favorite movies is Warrior.  It is literally one of my favorite movies and one of the best I have ever seen.  I seriously walked out of that theater changed.  (p.s. the first time i saw that movie was when i was on a date, and i was way more into the movie than he was.  Awkward.)  The movie is very, very violent, and the reason it doesn't bother me is they don't take the violence lightly.  For one thing, the characters are professional boxers and know what they are getting themselves into.  They also talk a lot in the movie about how dangerous what they are doing is, how harmful it is to them, and one of the character's wife in the movie doesn't agree with her husband's career choice because she doesn't want their children to grow up with a father who "gets beat up for a living."  I think this is a movie where violence is properly used.  But at the same time, what does it say about our society where we pay money to watch people beat each other up?  What does that say about me because I like Warrior?  I think about how way, way back when, people would kill each other for sport, like gladiators and such.  Have we really progressed that far?  I don't think so, because people still pay money to watch boxing and I pay money to watch a movie about it.
 For those of you who know me well, you know I have seriously considered being in the CIA.  Stop laughing and stop widening your eyes in surprise.  I wanted to be where the fight was, I wanted to be one of the people who was protecting the people of our country and I wanted to be one of the people who was putting a stop to the monsters in our world.  I seriously, seriously wanted to do that.  And I wondered if that was because I had seen a lot of action movies.  Did I just want to be an actress kicking butt in an action movie, or did I really, legitimately, want to be in the CIA?  I really think it was the latter, not the former.  But I also think seeing a lot of action movies is what originally stirred that desire in me.  And my hobby of shooting.  What can I say, I grew up in the desert, my dad doesn't have any sons, so he would take me and my sisters out to the middle of the desert and teach us how to shoot.  And we're good, too.
But what I'm trying to say is, have we, as a society, become desensitized to violence?  I think about the movie rating difference in America and Europe.  In Europe, sex is not a big deal, there can be full frontal nudity and nobody bats an eye.  Here, that would get an R rating and you must be 17 or older to enter.  But you only have to be 13 to watch someone get shot to death.  In Europe, if someone gets shot to death in a movie, that movie gets a very high rating, like the equivalent of our R or higher.  Europe doesn't tolerate violence.  We do.  What does that say about us?
I remember a letter I read written by Dr. Martin Luther King about how he planned to fight for his civil rights.  He said in the letter that he and his fellow activists (?) were training and practicing how to resist the use of violence.  He expressed how he really believed violence was never the answer and peace could be achieved without it.  I also remember the movie The Interpreter where Nicole Kidman's character expresses why she loves the United Nations.  She says it's because they get results through words, not violence.  People say you have to fight fire with fire, but do you?  Is violence the answer?  I don't know and I wish I did.  I can't decide if I am for or against war, for or against fighting fire with fire, and for or against using force instead of words.  I just don't know, I can't decide.
And that's why I want to know what you think about violence.  Do you think the act of glossing over violence in a film is worse than showing it in all it's brutality?  Do you think violence is the way to achieve peace? I really want to hear your opinions!

April 24, 2012


When I was a junior in high school, this kid who sat next to me in math class told me a story.  He told me that over the weekend, he got in a huge car accident.  He was going 90 on the freeway, his car slid underneath a semi truck, and his car was totally totaled.  I looked at him and saw no scars.  I asked him how he could possibly have that happen to him and leave without a scratch, and he just shrugged.
It wasn't until the end of class that I was told he was just kidding.  It was pretty funny but I was so embarrassed.  Like beet red embarrassed.
But that experience got me thinking. I don't like being gullible,  it's so humiliating!  It's funny, but humiliating and I always feel so stupid.  So I think I've broken this "habit" of being gullible.


The other day, I was in class and to make a long story short, I told him I didn't remember his name.
"My name's Steve."
I didn't remember his name but I knew there was no one in that class with that name so I said
 "No it's not."
"You're right.  It's Colin."
HA!  I didn't fall for it!  YES!

The other day at work, I apologized to my co worker to make sure I didn't hurt his feelings when I was teasing him really badly the other day.  He said,
"I cried myself to sleep that night."
"No you didn't."
"I know."
HA!  I didn't fall for it again!  Victory!

I really hate being made a fool and looking stupid, so I think I am really paranoid about being gullible.

Now this is one guy who I just don't get. 

If any of you watch The Office, you know this is Dwight Schrute and he falls for anything and everything Jiim tells him.  Remember in Season 2 when Jim convinced him he could control things with his mind?  Hahahaha.  So funny.  But come on Dwight!  Don't fall for that!  

Does anyone else feel this way about gullibility?  Or do you feel totally differently?  Have any of you fallen for something and blushed until you're red? Or have any of you played a joke on someone that they fell for? I would love to hear your stories!

April 23, 2012

Things I'm Thankful For

Who says I can only make a list of things I'm grateful for in November!  We should all be grateful for things every day of the year!  This is in order of how grateful I am for these things, most important things first. 

My religion.  There is absolutely nothing more important to me than the Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I would be nothing without it.  My knowledge of my Heavenly Father and His plan for me has saved me more times than I can count.  I love this Gospel and I cannot imagine my life without it.  I have a very strong testimony of obeying the Lord and obeying the personal revelation He gives you.  I will always, always, always do what my Father in Heaven asks of me, every second of every day, for all eternity.  You can learn more about my religion here.


My family.  They support me in everything I do, lift me when I'm down, and encourage me constantly.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and am so grateful we are all so close and have turned out well.  I am also especially thankful for my brothers in law who are amazing husbands to my sisters, fathers to my neicephews, successful in their careers, and worthy priesthood holders in our Church.

I am also particularly grateful for my nephews.  They are my light.  If any of you are an Aunt or Uncle, you know what I mean when I say I cannot believe how much I love them.  I literally did not think it was possible to love somebody this much.  The one on the left is Eli, the one on the right is Lincoln.  And my sisters Rachelle and Andrea are about to have their babies, so then I will have another nephew and a niece!  I am so so excited!  I can't wait and am so grateful our family is growing.

My friends.  These are two of my best friends.  This is (left to right) Elise and Patrisha.  They have been my best friends since high school.  We call ourselves "The Three Musketeers" (cheesy, no?) and we recently got really cute friendship rings!  Finally!  They are my rock.  Seriously, I always joke with them we are married because I can never ever be without them.  We have to be best friends forever, because, very simply, I need them in my life.  

This is another bestie of mine named Alyssa.  We met our sophomore year of college.  We are so incredibly different but for some reason, we work.  Love this girl.

This is another bestie of mine, Stacey.  We were roommates our Junior year of college and have been stuck together ever since.  She makes me laugh so so so hard.  She informed me the other day that our song is "We Found Love" (I'm not sure why).  I love my friends!

The year 2011.  I lived in London and Los Angeles in the same year.  It was ltierally the best year of my life.  Not gonna lie, I still miss both those cities so much it hurts.  They were both such amazing experiences and I wouldn't trade them for anything.  I still have to pinch myself to make myself believe they actually happened. Especially L.A. because that just seems to good to be true.  I seriously lived my dream of working in the heart of entertainment and doing what I love.  People respected my opinion, if I didn't like a script, it was thrown out.  Very well respected and amazing producers read the script I wrote and the whole experience made my dream of being a television writer a possibility.  

London was so fun.  I lived in one of the most amazing and exciting cities in the world, and every day was a new adventure!  The world was my oyster!

I also got to go to Rome last May!  I had wanted to go there for as long as I can remember, and that city definitely lived up to my expectations.  No, exceeded it.  Dang, I have been around!  London, L.A., Rome! I'm so blessed!

My education.  I am graduating in August, and I am so grateful that I have received a college education.  Not everyone gets that chance, and I am so grateful that I was able to.  Not only that, but I am so grateful that I went to the University of Utah.  That was absolutely, positively and truly, the perfect place for me.  I LOVED it!  But let's be honest I am so done with school.  I want out of there, four years is long enough!

Obviously I could keep going, but those are the things I am mostly grateful for at the moment.  What are some things you are grateful for?  Especially in your life right now?  I have a wonderful life, and you do too!  Even if it doesn't seem like it right now, you are so blessed, you just have to look hard enough!

April 22, 2012

Husbands and Wives

This is kind of silly, but I was thinking the other day about how many celebrity couples have been in shows together.  I always thought it would be so fun to get to be in a show with your spouse.  I would love that!  So here is a list of some celebrity couples that have starred in television shows together, while they were married.

This is Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone.  You probably recognize Melissa from either Gilmore Girls or Mike and Molly, a show in which she won an Emmy for Best Actress.  Ben was briefly in an episode of Gilmore Girls in Season 3, in the episode where Fran died.  He was the lawyer in charge of Fran's estate and Sookie and Lorelai talked to him as he was carrying Fran's casket to the cemetery.  Remember?

Here we have the classic Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. We all know they are divorced now, but when they were still married Brad was in Season 8 of Friends,  just for one episode.  He was Ross' friend from high school and he came over for Thanksgiving dinner. I can't believe I'm doing a blog post on this topic.  This is really nerdy and I'm sure no one cares but I'm having fun doing this!

This is Steve Carell and Nancy Carell.  Nancy was in Season 3 of The Office as Carol, Michael's realtor.  They dated briefly in the show and then he proposed to her at the Indian Halloween, remember?


This is Torrey Devito and Paul Wesley.  Torrey is on this season of Vampire Diaries as Dr. Meredith Fell, and Rick's girlfriend.  They haven't even had a scene together yet, just a brief interaction when she was unconscious...and that doesn't really count. 

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler.  They have been in two television shows together, both where the other was the star.  Amy was in Arrested Development as the Navy Seal girl who owned the seal that Joeb stole or something.  I don't remember the details.  Then Will was in Parks and Recreation in Season 2 I believe as her blind date.  And he took her to get a MRI because that was his job and he was trying to impress her? Remember?

I'm sure I'm missing many couples, those are just the ones that I am aware of.  Do you know of any more celebrity couples that have worked together on a show?  Have you ever had to work with your spouse?  How did that go?

Thanks for indulging me as I wrote this silly and ridiculous post!

April 19, 2012


Let me first say that this is completely inappropriate that I am using Blogspot to create my blog.  My boss would be very angry.  I am a web designer (aspiring) and I really should design exactly how I want my website to look, code it up, and use Wordpress.  But I'm not because I don't know how to do all of that yet because I am still learning!  Someday I will code and design my own blog!
I realized I only do blogs when someone really exciting and fabulous is happening.  Like when I'm on a grand adventure like when I was in London or Los Angeles.  (p.s. you would think I would have gotten over those fabulous adventures by now, but I still miss both of those places it hurts.)  But I like having a place to keep my thoughts and I like the idea of flinging all these ideas and thoughts out into the universe and I am trying to do more things I enjoy, and I enjoy blogging.  Besides, to be a sitcom writer like I'm trying to be, you're supposed to write everyday, something I do not do.  Does writing a blog count?
I don't know if any of you care that I have a blog or will even read it, but that's okay.  It still will be a nice place to keep all my thoughts.  Just be kind, because as someone at some point said, "reading someone's blog is like being invited into someone's home that you don't know very well." So please be courteous.
I promise all other blogs will be more exciting than this.

Once I was in Les Miserables at an outdoor ampitheater and during one scene I had to carry a goose onstage and pretend he was mine and we loved each other.  Yes.  A goose.  Moments before we were to go onstage, the goose (I named him Wonka) decided to rebel and ran away from me.  I chased him but for some reason the thing wanted to run in a circle, so I ran in a circle trying to catch him.  A girl who was in the show with me and who had to bring a pig onstage (yes, you heard right again) started laughing so hard she cried.

That's my bit of comedy for the day.

Lauren out.