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September 28, 2016

hot tub hopping at hotels

in high school, there wasn't much to do on weekends.  you know i'm from a small town.  the most popular activity to do on weekends was sneak into hotels and go hot tubbing.

some hotels were easier to get into than others.  some were difficult.  the trick was to not walk in in your swimsuit.  thats suspicious.  then get in the hotel, change clothes and pray that somebody was in the swimming area and you could just knock on the door and yell "hey!  i don't have my key! can you let me in?"  or, the best way, really, was to find a hotel that had an outdoor pool with a fence that we could hop.

the times I did this was very calm we just had someone let us in. but one time when my best friend went it was crazy.   pretty sure that what we were doing was illegal. isn't that trespassing? anywhoos, one time when my best friend we went hot tub hopping she and her friends and half of our high school class had jumped the fence to get in. im not sure how, but the manager found out that they were in the pool and not guests of the hotel. he came in and yelled at everyone to get out or he was going to call the cops.

as teenagers are really really smart and rational, they ran and all jumped into this truck that one of the kids were driving. the manager followed and was running behind the truck yelling "i got your license plate im going to call the cops!! i don't know if he actually did or not but it was all very exiting and i was super disappointed that i missed out on such a story!

this was a pretty pointless post. but you know how i like to share stories and then ask you to share one back. so what is your craziest high school experience??

i have another one to tell, and it's really awesome. prepare yourself. 

September 26, 2016

3 fictional characters that describe me

you've probably seen this question floating around social media for the past few days, and i wanted to jump in and answer that question because it is such a fun question! 

katniss everdeen - i've always thought of myself as a fighter.  a protector.  i think we all have a little or a lot of katniss in us.  i would do what she did.  i would volunteer myself to save my sister.  i would fight back and start a revolution.  i would want to save everyone and create a better world.  actually, that isn't something i would want to do, that is something that i already want to do.  she is so strong and so tough.  i think we all love this character because we all want to as strong and as tough as her.  

lorelai gilmore - one thing that lorelai is before anything else is independent.  she is self sufficient, doesn't want help and hates to ask for help, and is a force of nature.  if lorelai wants something to happen, she makes it happen.  and i do too.  she's funny and always on and witty.  she doesn't like to talk about difficult things, she doesn't like to open up and keeps her heart close to her chest.  wait.  am i talking about lorelai or me?  oh, right.  same thing. 

laura diamond - i am so sad this show got canceled!  i've talked before about how much i love the mysteries of laura and can't believe it got canceled right as.......... i'm not going to ruin it for you if you haven't seen it.  i love laura.  she barrels through other people and ignores rules to make things happen.  i love in one of the episodes when they are doing a performance review of her and they say that under "reason for getting a warrant" or reason for doing this or that to a suspect, she cites her gut.  ha! but, barreling through other people and ignoring rules is something about me that i don't really think is a good thing.  ignoring rules and barreling through other people to get things done doesn't serve me well.  i think it rarely serves other people well in the long run. also, she is so stubborn just like me (heaven help me if any of my children are as stubborn as me. i will tear my hair out.) and is creative and smart in how she handles problems.  that is a quality that i would like more. 

okay now you have to tell me what 3 fictional characters describe you!  tell me tell me!  i anxiously await your comments. 

September 16, 2016

i'm running out of ways to title a friday roundup post...

in a way, i can't believe its friday, and in a way i feel like this week dragged forever.  its hard to come back from vacation! its hard to go back to work!

bet lets catch up, shall we?

whenever i go to a theme park, i always get a lollipop like this one.  every time.  sometimes they are flavorless, and sometimes they are explosive!  the one i got from  disneyland did not disappoint.  i delayed eating it though because then it felt like the vacation was really over!  i just had the best time with my family at the beach, it went by way too quickly!

i am so in love with this picture of taran on our family vacation.  my little niece, capri, who is about 1 1/2 (look at her little hat! she is so squishy i'm so in love with her.  i want to nibble on her thighs.) just loved smashing sand castles.  her siblings and cousins kept getting mad at her because she kept smashing theirs.  taran saw how happy it made her, so he got buckets and filled them with wet sand and popped them upside down.  then she had her own castles to smash!  she would laugh and giggle and get this huge grin on her face.  she would reach out her chubby little arm and just smash the sand castle to pieces!  then she would look at taran like "what are you doing? why aren't you getting me more sand?" it was so adorable.  and even more adorable was how sweet taran was with her.  my sister even instagram posted about it.  i can't wait to see taran be a daddy someday.

i work downtown, right across the street from a very large outdoor mall.  some days my team and i walk across the street for an ice cream break or to get traffalatas at godiva.  i love these little field trips, they are so yummy and fun and are the perfect way to take a break during the work day.  i had never had a truffelata before, but i am so glad i got one the other day!  i got strawberry creme and had a taste of my coworker's pumpkin spice one and they were both so good!  but especially mine.  i also love this picture.  you can tell a lot about me by looking at this picture.  you learn i have a sweet tooth.  you know i like my bling bling (that's a new wedding ring i got on sale because i can never have too many rings).  you can tell i am self conscious about my freckles because this is obviously a snap and i used the pretty filter.  that one is my favorite (and the one with the butterfly halo, obviously) because it smooths out my skin and make me look like i'm wearing foundation.  and i hate wearing foundation.  you can tell wherever i work has high security because i have a work badge around my neck.  you can also see the faintest silver chain of a necklace that holds something very, very dear to my heart, which is why its on a long chain so it can be on top of my heart.  and why i wear it under my clothes because i don't want people asking me about it, this necklace holds incredible emotional weight. you can tell i spend a lot of time getting my eyelashes perfect each morning as i think they are one of my most beautiful features.  funny how if you really look at something, you can learn so much?

we alternate years doing holidays with my family and tarans family.  its our year to spend thanksgiving with taran's family and Christmas with mine.  taran's family isn't really doing anything for thanksgiving this year.  so i proposed another option: go to new york city for thanksgiving!  i can't wait!  we will be there 5 days and i am bursting with excitement!  i have been wanting to go for so many years; i haven't been since i was 11!  so please, comment with your recommendations and tips!  i really am soooo excited and love that little by little, taran and i chip away at our travel bucket list.  (i actually wrote a travel bucket list but i can't find it!) i am so looking forward to crossing this one off!

and fall is in the air and its getting colder here and its WONERFUL! my favorite season is right around the corner!  and it will be so much fun to begin the holiday season in NYC! happy friday!  havea good weekend!  that was a lot of !!!!!! 

September 15, 2016

best tv characters of all time

i spoke about the worst tv characters of all time, now its time to talk about some of the best tv characters of all time.  because there are a lot, but here are some of my favorites.

mindy from the mindy project.  seriously, show of hands, who doesn't want to be best friends with mindy?  everyone in the room?  i thought so.  she is an adult who acts like a kid and its amazing.  and so hilarious.  one of my favorite things about her is her independence.  when danny is dragging his feet about moving in together, mindy says "i'm fine if your mother moves here or i do.  but just let me know.  because i'll be fine if you don't want to be with me."  and she is right.  she can be on her own.  that's my favorite thing about her.

phil from modern family.  he is so much fun!  he is so quirky and always thinks of fun things to do. out of the entire family, i would want to be friends with phil the most.  cam would be too much for me, i think, but phil would be so fun to hang out with!  i love his sweetness, that he always asks the question "what if?" and is always proposing fun things to do.  italian accent night?  putting on tuxedos and test driving rolls royces?  how fun!! 

ohhhhh. lucille from  arrested development.  so dysfunctional, so hilarious.  her crusties are legendary.  i miss that show so much. 
lucille: get me a vodka rocks.
michael: mom, its 9 in the morning. 
lucille: and a piece of toast.
one of my favorite episodes when she goes off her post partum depression pills 30+ years after she has buster and she just get progressively meaner snarkier, more awesome and more hilarious throughout the day. 

titus! i can't believe i almost forgot him! titus from the unbreakable kimmy schmidt.  you know tina fey's comedy? her humor?  her 30 rock humor?  well in this show (if you haven't seen it what are you doing with your life??!) that humor mostly falls on titus.  and its fantastic.  soooo overdramatic, so theatrical.  i love all his one liners and he is my favorite part about the show.

and how could i write a post about the best tv characters and not include the dean from community?  he is the one of the best parts of (i'm not exaggerating) the greatest comedy of my time.  my favorite are his outfits.  that episode where they show a montage of all his outfits i was laughing so hard i was crying.  he is so oblivious, so clueless, such a bad dean.  he is just plain hilarious.  but his outfits.  man, his outfits.  they are the best part of the show.

who are you favorite characters from television?

September 13, 2016

newport beach and disneyland! + vlog (?)

starting last wednesday, i was at newport beach with my family!! we try to take a family vacation every summer, even now when we all have husbands and babies.  my sister who lives in arizona was unable to come, but the rest of us gathered in newport beach for a few days!  there were 9 adults and 6 babies.  my parents rented a house and everyone but taran and i stayed there (there wasn't enough room.)  this post is kind of all over the place, so forgive me.  i tried to do it in order, but the two videos are snapchat stories from the trip.  i thought that was the best way to share what we had done.  so watch this first. 

Newport Beach!! from Lauren Packer on Vimeo.

our airbnb was just 5 blocks from my family's rental house, and we were so close to the beach!  i was surprised at myself in how little interest i had for laying on the beach and chillin'.  ive been having a hard time relaxing lately.  but i loved playing with my sweet niecephews and watched each of their imaginations take flight as they built sandcastles and ran screaming into the ocean and throwing balls in the ocean and catching them as the waves washed them back up.   

i did a instagram post on the picture above, which you should check out here.  i spread a message!

mylittlest, capri, only wanted to smash sandcastles. taran would go fill a bucket with wet sand and then drop it upside down by her feet. she would then immediately lean forward and smash the thing with her adorable chubby arms. she was wearing this pink swimsuit with a little hat and oh my gosh i love her. she is so squishy. i am obsessed with her.

then the boys decided it was time to dig as much and as deep as they could! they loved it. we teased them that we were going to put one of them in there when they were done!

when it was time for the kids' lunch, taran and i went back to our room and showered. we were beached out! sand was everywhere! i wanted to go get a treat so we went to sprinkles, as you see in the video. the above concotion is what i got and it was heaven. it was a lemon meringue cupcake with strawberry sorbet. they cut the cupcake in half and put the ice cream in the middle.

i am not kidding you or exaggerating when i say it was the most delicious thing i had ever eaten. i nearly cried when it was gone.  the rest of the day was spent running some errands for my sisters and mom and more beaching followed by tacos.  we were so excited to tell the kids in the morning that we were taking them to disneyland!  my sisters had decided to not tell the kids until the morning of, otherwise they wouldn't sleep or stop talking about it or really, function.  because they are kids and hello its disneyland.  watch the video first.

Disneyland!! from Lauren Packer on Vimeo.

as you can see in the video, my sisters decorated the living room disney style and thats how they told them in the morning. this was one of the main reasons why we decided to go on family vacation: i was not going to miss those faces as they experienced disneyland for the first time.  one of my favorite parts of the video is near the beginning when we finally met up with my family and lincoln ran over to me and said "aunt lauren!  we saw pluto!" and then skips away.  these were priceless moments. 
sorry if some of the below photos were in the video.

not gonna lie, i kind of always wanted a picture with me and my prince in front of this castle. so glad we finally got one!

they thought it was pretty cool to play in that toontown car!

oh my gosh, this was one of my favorite parts of the day. my sister had brought my niece london's princess dress with her and london put it on before she met aladdin and jasmine. unfortunately, aladdin and jasmine took their break right as the kids were next, but the genie stayed. he was so cute with london. you know they can't talk, but he mimed that her dress was pretty and he kissed her hand and she giggled and jumped up and down and twirled. it was sooo cute. 

i just loved it when they let me hold their hands.  they usually never let me, but i think since they understood this was a new place and we stressed so much that they needed to stick with us and not get separated from us (my sister had the genius idea to write our phone numbers on the kids's arms.  we told them if they got lost, to find a nice lady with kids and show her the number and the lady would call us and we would come find them.  brilliant, jessica.  because like kids are going to remember our phone numbers in that excitement.) they let me hold their hands every once in a while.  even eli, my big 6 year old who thinks he is too cool to hold anybody's hand! another priceless moment. 

i am really, really not into star wars at all.  but i gotta say, when we went on the star tours ride, i had fun!  i think it was the first time i liked star wars ever! 

when all the kids met mickey and went up to hug him. london ran to him and wrapped her arms around her legs. it was so adorable.
what a sweetheart, huh?

i loved this jungle cruise.  it was so much fun!  and i had never been on it before or even really knew it existed! 

this is a really bad picture but was by far my favorite moment of the entire trip.  this was when we were in the tiki room and my phone was about to die.  once the music started playing, the kids let loose!  all of them were jumping up and down, london was twirling, they were all in the center of the room dancing it up when a cast member had to tell them to go back to their seats.  it was so funny.  another priceless moment. 

we watched the parade at sunset and the kids had wide eyes and waved to all the characters and yelled out to them and london did more twirling.  this is a trip i will never forget.

yes, that was $12, and yes, it was worth every bite. the ears were marshmallows!

a few more things i have to comment on regarding the cuteness and adorableness of my niecephews. i was impressed at how brave they were! eli and lincoln, the two oldest, were the only ones tall enough to ride indiana jones. we didn't take lincoln and me, taran and my sister took eli. i really didn't know how he was going to react. but he did so well! when he got back to his cousins, he told them alll about it and it made lincoln want to go too! and what was even more shocking, was that lincoln loved it too! i really didn't think he would like it. they were all so brave!

towards the end of disneyland, the reality of going home in the morning set in and the post vacation blues set in. i didn't want to leave! it was such a great and memorable trip! we were so sad to go home! but! we decided to go to NYC over thanksgiving, so send your recommendations my way if you please!

i got realllly tired during our 3 hour layover in san fransisco and really wanted to sleep, so i got creative. ha! but seriously, once on the plane from san fran to salt lake, i slept the entire time. which i never do. i don't even remember taking off! i just put my head on taran's shoulder and was out.

thanks for reading and letting me share this amazing vacation with you!