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October 15, 2018

mr jones pumpkin patch - tbb fall questions

you know how much i love the blended blog's monthly questions! but i am so behind this month i missed the linkup! shame on me! 
and you also know how much i love october so these questions are my JAM! 
1. favorite fall color?  hmmm.. like a dark red.  or a burgundy.  on a fall cardigan.  or on a little boot.  that is where fall is at! like this one!
2. apple cider hot or cold? hot!
3. caramel apple? yes or no? YESSS!! i do like it with chocolate too!
4. pumpkin doughnut or apple cider doughnut? pumpkin!
5. long or short cardigan? long
6. favorite football or fall party food? i am not a football person.  but i never say no to caramel popcorn and to that is very fall.
7. orange or white pumpkins?  i love white pumpkins for decorations and when i have a house someday oh the decorations i will have! with a small apartment i only can decorate so much. but i stick to the orange ones for carving.  but when i get that house someday there will be gourds, white pumkins, orange pumpkins carved, white pumpkins painted, orange pumpkins painted, you name it!
8. hayride or bonfire? hayride! i do like a good bonfire but then you just smell like fire the rest of the day.
9. favorite fall baked good? my go-to fall treat is anything pumpkin! pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bars, pumpkin anything! haha how basic am i?
10. most anticipated fall activity? going to a pumpkin patch!! we went to mr bones pumpkin patch and it was soo much fun! i hadn't been there before but knew it was a must fall activity!

this place was so incredibly decorated i couldn't believe it! it was pumpkin overload! but there is no such thing ;)

i have to say this is my favorite fall outfit! I've been needing little booties like these and finally got some on saturday at target! yay!

love fall love pumpkin patches love october. 

rock on fall.

October 10, 2018

mental health awareness day

mental health is really important to me.  mental illness has been at the center of my life for literally as long as i can remember.  a lot of people i've loved have battled with this silent killer.  

mental illness and disorders are so common and yet nobody wants to talk about it.  it is extremely personal and although when we battle with this beast and it isn't our fault, it still feels like it is, causing us to feel embarrassed to admit we are affected by this.

when this disease affects you, it turns everything upside down.  you don't know what to think, what's real and what's not, what front what's back.  everything is topsy-turvy.  a lot of that is a chemical imbalance, genetics, and surroundings.  having a chemical imbalance is not your fault. even if that isn't the case, being depressed is not your fault.  its a dark cloud that suffocates you and you can't just "snap out of it." its okay to not be okay.  

if you go to my instagram i shared some stats as well as my favorite quote on depression.  this is a REAL thing that affects so many people.  so many people i love.  and the worst part is we often don't know who is suffering.  even worse than that, when we do know, its really hard to help.  mental illness is an extremely lonely disease that is very isolating.  its the kind of thing where you have to be the person to get help.  you can listen to the afflicted talk as long as they'd like, that helps.  but the road to recovery is often a long one, and a lonely one.  

my advice for those who have loved ones affected by this disease is to just be there in any way you can.  be there physically, over the phone, send them their favorite things every once and a while to brighten their day.  just try to listen but don't push too hard. that can often have the opposite effect than you'd want. 

if you are struggling, I AM HERE.  email me, send me a message on instagram. leave a comment, whatever.  i won't judge, i won't tell you to shake it off.  i have been where you are, i know what its like.  oh boy oh boy, do i know what its like. there are several places you can reach out if you google, such as mental health america but if you google you can find a place closer to you.  

you are never EVER alone.  you've got me.  

i'm not going to sign off by telling you to stay strong.  i'm going to sign off by encouraging you to reach out to others, and if you are on the other side of it, to reach out to me if you have no one, or to reach out to someone.  

there is NOTHING to be ashamed of.  i got you.  

October 4, 2018

big announcement!

i have been hinting and mentioning on social media that i have started my own web design business!  its very exciting and i am really proud of the work i have done.  i have completed one website that i did for a friend and have put that blogger template on etsy.  

the name of the business is the color collective and the website is pretty!   i do custom blog designs for $50 so tell one tell all!  soon this site will be changed to that name and will get a makeover. 

have a beautiful day!

September 20, 2018

grateful // day 10

  1. the excitement of a new book
  2. the show monk which i just finished and boy did i ball like a baby when it was over
  3. birthdays
  4. fall sweaters
  5. fall boots
  6. leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. its magic
  7. snuggles with babies
  8. when you get hooked on a new show
  9. that i am not near hurricane florence
  10. this little challenge of writing 10 things i'm grateful for for 10 days.
i am glad i did this little challenge although the days were not consecutive, i'm still glad i did it.  there is so much to be grateful for.  i am so blessed. 

September 18, 2018

grateful // day 9

  1. grateful that amy sherman-palladino won best writing for a comedy series. this means so much to me as she is the reason why i became a writer.
  2. heating pads
  3. when you see a really good movie in the theater that you've been looking forward to for months (looking at you, a simple favor)
  4. long phone convos with my sisters
  5. meeting blog friends in real life
  6. finishing my first website for my business
  7. pumpkin cake
  8. the smell of a freshly washed baby
  9. the los angeles county carnival is happening
  10. that i am getting better at things i hope to make my living on

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