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January 19, 2018

the loss of a friend

i love linkups, i really do. i think they are a lot of fun. i like checking in with you on fridays and giving you a little piece of how my life is going.
This year has not been off to the best start. there have been a lot of very unexpected things come up that have caused a lot of stress, panic attacks, and tears.

one of the things that hit me hard was the loss of our Church’s prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. he has been the leader of the LDS church my entire adult life and to lose him and gain and new prophet has made me feel off balance. it’s hard to adjust to a new leader, President Russell M. Nelson because a prophet is so loved and feels like a friend. it will take time to adjust. to educate a little, our prophets are called of God and are not elected. we have our presidency consisting of the president and his two counselors. then there is the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, which to explain plainly, they support the presidency, spend a lot of time traveling and ministering over the world and divide the duties of the Church. we always know who the next Prophet will be as it will be the Elder who has the most seniority of the Quorum. the Prophet gets to choose his own counselors by revelation and prayer.

i miss Monson and his cheery optimism and warmth. Church this past sunday was difficult because of the discussion of our new prophet who i am still getting used to and the loss of Monson. i forgot for a moment he was gone and cried on taran’s shoulder, it was really embarassing.
for those of you who are not of my faith, the only thing i can maybe compare it to to help you understand is if a very dedicated Catholic mourned over the loss of the Pope?

enough sadness.

i got this bling back at Christmas and i got the band yesterday! you know that i can't help myself to rings.  i wish the band bent so that it was closer to my ring. oh well im a poser and i know it. i dont care. i have a ring addiction.

have a rockin weekend. i know mine will be!!

January 17, 2018

january questions

i love the blended blog's questions they do every now and again! i love answering questions! its so fun!  you can click on the picture to get the questions or here.

1. resolutions or no resolutions? i always do one word to live by for the year and thats it.  i don't like doing resolutions because there are too many to keep track of.  also, i think you should improve yourself all year long and not just one month of the year.  you should evaluate yourself constantly and take a look at who you are and what you can improve on year round.

2. love snow or no snow? its a lukewarm situation.  its like  a town i want to visit it but i don't want to live there. i lived in salt lake city 8 years and it snowed a lot every winter.  i didn't really mind it that much but when we went to salt lake city for Christmas and there was snow, i was reminded of how cold it was and how terrible it is! i liked it for a second and then was like "take me back to LA!"

3. name a new place you want to go this year?  we really want to go to paris in the fall but i don't think its going to happen.  probably next year.  but we really really want to go soon.

4. would you rather have a new haircut or a new color? new color.  for some reason, my hair has turned more towards the brown side since i moved here which is so weird.  wouldn't it lighten up with the california sun?  i have been thinking about getting some highlights.

5. name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year?  go on a special girls trip with my best friend.  she is so busy with planning her wedding and pharmacy school it probably won't happen.  she literally has zero free time.

6. least favorite thing about january? here in LA the weather is bipolar.  last week it was 50 degrees for two days, then on saturday it was 83, then yesterday it was 73, now later in the week its supposed to rain.  what? make up your mind!

7. most favorite thing about january? that its a fresh start and that the holidays are over.  don't get me wrong, i love Christmas but its really exhausting.  there is so much pressure to fit in all these activities and if you don't, its like you failed and you're a scrooge.  its a lot of pressure.

8. when do you take down your holiday decorations?  the day after Christmas!  i want that pressure that i've been carrying around off my shoulders as soon as possible!

9. do you diet in january? no.  i have never once made a body related resolution.  my motto is to eat healthy because it feels good, exercise because it feels good, drink water because it feels good and you'll feel good.  and never, ever weigh yourself.

10. what area of the home do you want to organize the most?  the bedroom.  its the room i spend the most time in and if it is really messy then it drives me crazy.

11. favorite winter comfort food. pot pie.  we have boston market (not sponosored) right near our apartment and they have the best comfort food.  when we don't have food in the house because we haven't grocery shopped we always get that.

12. favorite guilty pleasure?  keeping up with the kardashians!  for sure! i am so ashamed to admit that i watch it every week and haven't missed an episode.   well that's a lie.  they are piling up, i am behind this season but usually i never miss an episode.  its just so hilarious.  they are so ridiculous.

answer the questions too and then put the link in the comments!

January 16, 2018

my non instagramable life

from the outside, it looks like my life is very perfect. i live in my favorite city in the world, i'm pursuing my dream of being a tv writer, i'm married to the love of my life, my husband has a good job,  i get to go to movie premieres and other cool events, i work for a company that the entire world loves and knows of.  its all pretty sweet!  and i am so, so blessed!  i really can't believe that this is my  beautiful life.  verbal gold blog recently published this amazing post about how instagram is a highlight reel of our lives.  we don't show the crying, the heartache, the days we don't shower until the afternoon, the zits.  we show the best parts, the fun stuff, and we edit all of it.

that time i went to bright premiere and shook hands with will smith?? yeah, i was in the middle of 3 months of unemployment.  it was not a good time.  i was not doing well.  its very hard on me to be unemployed.  not just financially, but emotionally.  i like to be busy and have a place to go where i am counted on and i get fulfillment out of.  i need that in my life.  

when i instagrammed all those times i went to universal? like twice a week that one week?  that was because i was unemployed and had nothing else to do.  it was super fun but didn't make me feel good about my life or myself.  i just kept thinking "all of these people around me have jobs, and i'm just here because i have nowhere else to be."   

when i instagrammed Christmas?  i was terribly missing my parents and was sobbing on Christmas Eve because i wasn't with them.  its hard to be with the in laws on holidays.  they don't do the same traditions as i'm used to, they don't bake cookies or have a big Christmas Eve dinner.   i was super depressed that night.  i was so jealous of everyone else's posts that showed they were with their own families.  i wanted to be with my family! 

there is so much behind the gram.  we all know it but we don't really think about it.  we get envious and #fomo and end up unfollowing people because we are too envious of their lives and its making us feel bad about our lives.  but that person, that blogger who gets paid to travel all around the world, she had problems too, of course she does!  maybe she wants another baby and she is having trouble getting pregnant.  maybe she's having trouble in her marriage.  i don't know!  i only know what you know! but we get so caught up in the perfectly edited highlights of someone's life that we forget that it isn't perfect.  

nobody's life is perfect. mine is not!  i assure you.  i mean, are you kidding me?  i live in hollywood.  and i'm trying to be a screenwriter. in a sea, nay, an ocean of screenwriters. and i have yet to be hired as a screenwriter. seriously.  my life is far from perfect! im a baby, amateur writer who just started her training and often feels like she is drowning in her inadequacy and the pressure to become better and become better quickly! 

we all know this.  none of what i'm saying is news to you.  i'm just reminding you.  because we need to be reminded.  a shock of reality.  what you see on instagram isn't real.  #iwokeuplikethis no they didn't.  nobody wakes up like that.  

the next time you are feeling envious of someone on the internet remember that it isn't real and that their life is just as messy as yours.  and that you're beautiful, your life is beautiful, and you are just as rich or richer in spirit as the person you're envious of.  we don't know each other's problems. we are all just trying to figure life out as we go along.  

January 12, 2018

its been a long week!

it’s been one heck of a week!! school started up again and i was super stressed about it. i talked about that here and as it got closer and closer i just got more and more worried about it.
but once i went to school and pitched my show to my class and professor and got great feedback, i felt so much better. i feel excited now to create this world and these characters. there is so much imagination and work involved and big pieces and little pieces i have to put together but im so excited now.

i also met with my professor from last quarter to get feedback on my superstore spec and it was so helpful and eye opening. i finally feel closure from last quarter and that i have wrapped up that experience which makes me feel ready to tackle this quarter! I love my writing program so and so blessed im in it. Im learning and growing so much.

taran and i booked two nights at mgm grand in vegas for our four year anniversary! I’m really excited. we are going to see “O” which i have been dying to see for years. we haven’t really celebrated our anniversary since our first so we are both really excited for this little get away. we are getting away on our actual anniversary, on feb 8, which is during the week so we will have a really long weekend together! im looking forward to it not only because it will be fun, but because taran and i are really thriving here which means we are really busy. we havent had a lot of time to just hang out and cuddle and be with each other without school or work or family obligations getting in the way.

im halfway through my temp assigngment at work and i am freaking out whether they will renew my contract or not. will i be employed in february? i can't go back to unemployement! nooooooo!!!!! ahhhh!!! lets just say i am a perpetual mess.

my niecephews are really cute. and i like my family. and after i saw them over the holidays i have found myself missing them more than usual. i mean look at that picture of them above! who wouldnt want to be with those beauties and cuties? we took new family pics over thanksgiving and i love how they turned out!

i especially want to be a good aunt and be there for the babies and its hard being away from them. but MAN do i love my life here.

sorry if this was kind of a negative post. life is filled with exciting challenges lately and i really wouldnt have it any other way! happy friday! i am beyond looking forward to the long weekend. boy oh boy do i need it!

January 10, 2018

health lifehacks

i'm sure a lot of you have new years resolutions that are health related. go to the gym! lose 20 pounds! drink more water!  while those are all great and i'm totally behind you if that is what you want to do,  there are more simpler, smaller steps you can take to be healthier this year. 

go for a walk. this one is so simple but is so beneficial! whenever i need to clear my head or just get out of the house, taran and i go for a walk.  when we moved to LA it took me a while to try this because i didn't know the neighborhood but once we tried it i fell in love with my neighborhood! that was an added bonus!  as a writer, i need to clear my head a lot, and think a lot, and this is a great way to do it.  i get a lot of writing done on walks.  i came up with the plot of my spec last quarter on a walk.  walks just gets things moving; your legs, blood, and your mind.  its great all around! 

more reading, less binging.  i always say i am going to read more but then i don't.  a trick to make this happen is to equal binging to reading.  so if you binge, you have to read for say, at least an hour.  set a goal for yourself.  it can be "if i watch 3 hours of tv i read for 1 hour" or whatever you want it to be.  when i was a kid, my mom made us read the amount of time equal to the amount of tv we watched.  that lasted for like, one afternoon.   i was a tv addict at such a young age, ha, because have you met me? #tvwriter. but this is still a nice goal for yourself to even things out. 
also, you can read on the elliptical machine or stationary bike at the gym instead of watching tv.  

try fruit for a dessert instead of cake or ice cream.  they both are sugar so your craving can get satisfied by eating fruit instead.  i've tried this many times and it's works!  i try to always have fruit on hand like apples, strawberries, and bananas.  also try to have the sweeter fruit on hand that are more sour to quench those cravings better like mangoes, kiwi, and especially strawberries.  strawberries always do it for me.  its winter so they can get a little more expensive but i think it is always worth it! mangoes might be less expensive but you can play around with it to see what works for you.

get a physical. hims is a company that is dedicated to health for men and encourages all men to get a physical.  and not just men, but this reminds us too, ladies!  i was so shocked when i married taran that he hadn't been to the doctor in forever so that was one of the first wife things i did was make him a dr appointment. getting regular checkups are so important, the graphic below tells you why.

be sure to check out hims site for skin and hair and other products for your man! they really have great stuff that focuses on health.  the company reminds me of "honest" but for men.  i hope i gave you some good ideas for being healthy in this new year without heading to the gym!  there are other ways to be healthy! and don't forget about your mental health! love yourself.  that's the most important thing of all.