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June 19, 2017

palm springs

we spent the weekend in palm springs. we stayed at the most amazing resort that we always stay at any time my family visits palm springs, mariotts desert springs villas ii. i always feel like a kardashian whenever i stay there because it is so nice.

my oldest sister and i were the only children able to come partaaaay so i got to play with my sweet new niece vienna and my nephew and two of my other nieces.

we had so much fun. on saturday, we did an activity i had planned where went to the cabazon dinosaurs, (thanks taza for the idea!) and it was such a hit. the kids pined for rocks which they loved. they had their own little bags of gemstones and loved finding them in them in the little river.

they did get a little scared climbing up the t-rex but true to my nephew lincolns form, he thought it was the coolest thing ever once we were done. taran and i werent scared! my brother in law was being hilarious and was not helping his children be calm. he is a doctor and as we climbed was saying things like "oh look thats who the dinosaur last ate!" and as we climbed up its throat he said "lets climb up his esophogus!" we were laughing so hard.
here i am in the gift shop ruling over all the dinos. and my niece too. look at those cheeks! #ballers
the resort has this amazing pool that we spent nearly the entire time at. the kids loved to be on the edge and then jump into our arms. they would squeal and laugh and it made my heart oh so happy. it showed how trusting they are of us and how safe they feel with us.
and dont even get me started on how obsessed my nieces are with taran. they are in love with him. ❤️ if he went to the other end of the pool, they would ask where he was or my little 2 year old capri would say "taran!" in her little adorable voice. i love how vocal she is getting.
we ended the weekend with steak and ice cream cake for fathers day. social media is alaays overloaded with everyone proclaiming their love for their fathers that day that i feel its pointless for me to yell from the rooftops how great my dad is because everyone else is yelling so youdly voice gets lost. but i love my dad. hes my best friend and i couldnt be luckier to have grown up with such a man as my teacher, protector and father.
hope you all had a great weekend as well!

June 13, 2017

june goals

i am more stressed than i have ever been with the exception of being a dispatcher. i constantly feel like two elephants are sitting on my chest. i feel inadequate, lost, uneducacated and completely overwhelemd as a writer.

i spend all my free time meeting new people, learning as much as i can and writing. lately its been reading more than writing. reading books on writing and readjng scripts really helps me to understand what works and what doesnt work in a scipt. and that is just the surface of what i do to work hard to be a better writer and to break into this business.

i usually dont do goal posts but i have a lot of goals i have set for myself and need to write them down so i actually do them!

there is so much to do, so much to learn, i a so overwhelmed. hopefully writing small goals instead of looking at the mountain of work i need to do will make this easier and less stressful.

1. find a study group for my aaron sorkin class. this is proving to be nearly impossible. the thing with this is that everyone is on different lessons in the class because its online. plus, people live in different places of the world so that makes it difficult as well.

2. finish aristotle's poetics. this is a book that lays out basic foundation of plot. its really really thin and is verg essential to understanding the basics of plot. its bery helpful.

3. get to lesson 25 in aaron sorkins class. i am not going as fast as i want through the lessons and writing this doen will help ke speed it up.

4. find a writing partner to write scenes with me per writing assignments. i am on my way to this a little bit as ive been talking to several people about writing with me although they dont really seem interested they seem open to the idea.

5. go to a writers networking event. i did this and got 11 contacts! it was so great and i have been working those contacts since and it has been great!

6. write the two scenes a week challenge for both shonda rhimes class and aaron sorkins class. this will be fun and help get my wheels turning.

7. finish those scripts my producer friend gave me. this should actually be first on the list. read and read and read scripts. im learning so much by reading.

i know this post should have been done earlier in the month but hey im busy so im writing this goal list two weeks in.

what are your goals this month?

June 12, 2017

and he gave them healthcare

with father's day coming up, i wanted to share some stories about my dad. or really, i just wanted to brag.

i think you all know my dad is a doctor but what you dont know is that nearly 20 years ago he started a free medical clinic.
the cinic

my mom and dad at the annual clinic gala.

20 years ago he was in a medical society meeting when he first heard the County where we lived had a doubled rate of uninsured people than in the rest of the state of utah. 16% of people were uninsured in washington County, as opposed to the 8% in the greater salt lake area. my dad being the amazing man he is, decided to do something about it.

a few months later he came back to the medical society with a plan to start a Doctors Free Clinic; a place where people could receive medical care completely for free.

the demographic my dad was aiming for when he opened the clinic were the people who made too much for welfare but not enough to buy insurance. my dad said the clinic is “a community solution to a national problem.”

he first started the clinic at the homeless shelter. the clinic became so busy that they outgrew the space they had rented very fast.

my dad put an ad in the paper asking for free land in exchange for a tax break. within a month, he had received a piece of land worth half a million dollars for free. then he bgan raising funds to build a clinic and succeeded his goal of $70,000 and raised $80,000.

a close friend of our family owns a very large construction company and my dad asked him if he was willing to help build the clinc. the company and its workers went above and beyond to make the clinic a nice place. upon completion, the clinic was graciously billed for only $80,000 for a $250,000 job.

the clinic serves so many people in my hometown. these are old stats, but in 2012, the clinic saw more than 12,000 patients and currently costs $240,000 a year to run.

several years ago, my dad decided to expand. the clinic was "filling like gangbusters." he approached his construction friend asked if he would “do it again.” the friend did indeed do it again, donating $260,000 of labor and materials. The add-on was completed six summers ago and included five more exam rooms, a mental health wing, and offices.

several years ago my dad won a national award for the clinic, not that he cares about awards. i am so proud of him and honored to be his daughter. i always stress what to get him for fathers day because he is the best dad a girl could ask for.

thanks for allowing me to share this story with you!

May 25, 2017

husband's business trips

taran recently got promoted at work. a promotion that he had been working towards for a long time. a promotion where his talents are not wasted and where he shines.

the problem with this is that it comes with travel. travel that isnt far, but travel nontheless. last week he was in santa ana all week and this week he is in carlsbad.

we dont do well without each other. ive gotten a lot better at being independent since we were first married and i can proudly say i handle when he is away with grace. but when he is away i feel really, really alone.

i know it is hard for everyone when their other half is away. but taran and i are very fortunate. we dont have kids yet so we have the ability to make these business trips flexible.

when he was in santa ana, he commuted for a few days and then i went to santa stayed in his hotel one night and commuted to work via train.

this week, it is impossible for him to commute because it is so far and trains dont leave LA that early to get to carlsbad on time for his work and driving in traffic that way would he a nightmare. but me taking the train after work and in the morning works great. its a long ride but it is worth it to be together.

a lot of couples cant do this and i feel very lucky that we can. couples with children have to single handedly take care of the kids and that is just chaos! my heart goes out to those warrior women who handle that all by themselves!

these trips will be regular thing, once every 2-3 months. we will get better at being apart but right now, i kind of like it. its like mini mini teeny tiny sexy vacations where i go to meet my man in a different city and we stay in a hotel and cuddle and more 😉 and its really romantic.

but having these trips two weeks in a row is just ridiculous. its just because of his training that comes with the promotion. he wont have to go on another trip for a while thank goodness.

i realize im really lucky and we are slightly ridiculous that we go to all this trouble to be together but i dont care. if we can do this, why wouldnt we?

ive lost my point. im a good wife. i really like my husband. taking the train is fun and i like our sexy rendevouez. the end.

how do you handle it when your other half is away?

May 16, 2017

3 things

i am stealing this post from the lovely steph from insert classy here.

3 things i'd never give up - God, husband, family.  material things: shaving my legs, phone, and computer.

3 favorite vegetables - carrots, celery and water chestnuts.  i love all those things in a salad and better yet, in a stir fry!!

3 shows i watched faithfully from beginning to end - you would think this would be an easy one to answer but it isn't!  i almost watched castle from beginning to end but when kate pushed castle away shortly after they got married to solve this obsession of hers i was done.  they were meant to be together why was she throwing it all away?!

3 places i want to visit inside the US - boston, new orleans, vermont in fall.

3 places i want to visit outside the US - greece, amsterdam, venice.

3 things i always have with me - phone, eos chapstick, and advil.th

3 things that are always in my car - my work badge, my clicker to open my apartment gate and mascara.

3 most recent calls were from/to - mom, my sister, and my mother in law.

3 most used makeup products - mascara (i use 3!: as a base which is a game changer and makes your lashes a million times longer and thicker is loreal voluminous primer, rimmel london wonder'lash with argan oil (makes for soft and sleek lashes,) the rocket by maybelline, now THAT gives you big eyelashes)  eyeliner (rimmel london scandaleyes or revlon color stay depending on my mood) and powder (loreal truematch powder).  i have never been a foundation girl.  i hate how it feels that it gets over everything your face touches, like your clothes and your phone.  i just powder my face to even out redness.

3 things that make me laugh - physical humor like people falling down, walkig though glass, falling off couches, whatever. dog humor. just dogs being funny. and little kids swearing.

3 things that make me cry - anything form of media that says YOU CAN DO IT!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! stories where lovers who are meant to be together are torn apart. stories of little kids being picked on.

now its your turn! share with me your 3 things!