Lot 48

August 2, 2017

why ugly Betty is my favorite show

yesterday was heavy, so lets brighten it up.  i love this blog.  this is the only place where i am able to write and i don't have to think about character or plot or dialogue and i can't just write.  if i haven't written something by the end of the day i get a little crazy.  like a crack addict who doesn't get their fix.  i believe the term is jonesing?  this blog is my outlet to get my writing fix without banging my head against a wall and think thoughts such as "you have no talent!"  "you will never get hired as a writer!" "what story am i telling!?" "i don't know how to get this character from point A to B!"

i don't think anybody knows this about me, but ugly betty is my favorite tv show.   maybe not my favorite favorite (hi gilimore girls) but it is up there!

here's betty.
 the show is not particularly well written, it isn't a tv classic or a cult classic or anything, but i love it for so many reasons.

and if you haven't seen it this is my reaction.

and if you have seen it, then betty and i give you the thumbs up!

it has been a decade since it aired.  for those of you who don't know the premise: a latina girl who is on the "bigger side" (so stupid, betty you're beautiful! betty la bonita no betty la fea!) with glasses and braces gets a job mode, a fashion magazine, to the editor in chief.  she doesn't have an interest in fashion but wants to be a writer.

this is the editor in chief, daniel meade.  he's a goof and we all love him.

the creative director of the magazine and villain of the show, wilhelmenia slater.  the below entrance when she walks into mode is my favorite little bit of the entire series.  fierce. rawr. 

but she scary

what i love about this show and what made this show capture my heart are a few things and they are mostly all about betty,

1. she is so perky, kind, smart, positive, and brave.  i want to be her when i grow up.  i wouldn't have survived a day at mode, but she survives four years!

2. no matter how many blunders she does along the way, including embarassing moments, being too trusting, getting screwed over, getting constantly mocked, running into walls and people, she keeps moving forward.

3. her character growth is inspiring! look at her! you would have to see the show, but no matter how many times people tell her "you have to be cutthroat  to make it in this business!" she never listens or gives in and always takes the high road.  she is always a good person but as the show goes on, finds ways to change the people around her for the better.

4. marc and amanda.  marc is wilhelmenia's assistant and amanda is the receptionist.  they are terrible people.  amanda is so out of touch with reality.  they mock betty mercilessly but they end up becoming her closest friends.  because thats what happens when youre around betty.  you can't help but love her.  they are the funniest people in the show.  and i love them.

i still watch this show and i just keep watching it over and over and over again.  i bonded with my best friend amy over it, and if i didn't love this show, what would we have bonded over and become friends over? what, i say?  i have such fond memories from college of coming home after a long shift waitressing, putting in a batch of muffins, taking a shower and then eating a bowl of soup, some muffins and watching ugly betty.  it was my favorite way to unwind from the day.


August 1, 2017

hello, old friend.

i'm coming to you as i pull myself out of a hole i buried myself in consisting of exquisite tv, writing education and fear.  

as taran and i were driving to the orange county fair last weekend and were stuck on the freeway for two and a half hours, i looked at all the cars and wondered how many of them came here with a similar dream as mine.  

essentially, this city is filled with narcissists.  we come here from all over the world because we think we know more about film, tv, makeup, costume design, production design, directing, photography, than the people here.  or maybe we just know that we will die if we don't try to be one of those things.  i'm not saying we aren't here to learn, because we are.  we are so hungry to learn just imagine thousands of us holding up signs "will work for experience" if that was financially possible.  i don't know whose brilliant idea it was to make breaking into the business so impossible and based entirely on who you know, but i want to kick them in the groin.  breaking into this business often feels like stripping naked in front of a stranger and asking for a favor again and again and again.  

i'm in this enormous fish bowl where i am just a tiny little guppy fish and trying to survive among all these other fish fighting for the same food.  we're all hungry.  starving, really. starving for our chance to prove our worth, our talent, our contribution to this multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.  people from back home repeatedly ask me "how's LA?" i think i just told you.  its like that part in gilmore girls where rory is at the pulp fiction party in season five and logan asks how school is and she says "school's hard" in a tone that says "it's yale, logan. what other response were you expecting."  

so how's LA?  its hard.  its a big fish bowl.  its ivy league.  big leagues.  any other metaphors you want to use, insert here.  its frustrating.  tear out your hair frustrating.  when i'm not at work, i spend all my brain power on writing and reading scripts and thinking about what is a good idea for a show, what should i write for my pilot, what's funny, and 'oh no this idea is good but it feels like a drama, i don't want to write a drama,' 'i need to read this book about writing,'  'i need to do a lesson today of the shonda rhimes masterclass,' 'i need to contact my writing partner in my group for that class and talk to her about our spec,' 'i need to watch this show, ' 'i need to figure out a way to meet this person,' 'i need to go to this networking event.'  i feel like i have two full time jobs.  

its a very strange sensation to be working this hard and to be this frustrated with something that you love so much.  and to be so slap happy to be here in the place you love the most with the person you love the most trying to do the thing you love the most.  i wouldn't want to be doing anything else.  

thanks for letting me rant. 

awkward ending.  need to work on my act out.

July 13, 2017

my emmy nominations

today is the day! today is the day that emmy nominations come out! aka the day i get really happy and really mad.  mad that shows are snubbed, happy that shows deserve their praises are praised.  i really tried to go to "for your consideration" events which are panels where the cast and producers of the shows talk about the past season but by the time i realized i could go to these awesome events, they had passed.  i was able to go to this event and it was truly amazing.  i was near tears at the end for my love of television and was slap happy that i was inside the academy of television and sciences building! i was too late! next year! 

my nominations are in no way organized, but more of a list of shows that i feel need to be recognized. 

this show is about a spy who is in a type of spy that doesn't have a cover.  he has to do his actual cover job and do his spy job too.  its all very stressful.  so much happens and he gets so far buried and it is so well written.  i don't know if anyone but taran and i watched this show but us because i have literally heard no one but us talk about it.  but it is one of the best shows i have seen in years.  so well written.  i want this nominated for writing and outstanding drama series although i think it would qualify as limited series. 

i've talked about this show before and how it was created by one of my writing icons and yada yada but it really was so good.  it premiered mid season so only had about 12 episodes but each was gold.  i demand an outstanding comedy series nomination for this one! 

this was also a winner.  winner winner.  this is about a con man (pardon me pete, its confidence man, i know thats the correct term) and the mess a scam he played got him into.  he is into some very deep mud that you really see no way out of but by golly that man is brilliant and he figures it out! i demand a writing nom at least as well as an acting nom from Giovanni Ribisi! 

the only time gilmore girls was even nominated for an emmy was for makeup in 2004, which they won.  lauren was nominated for a golden globe in 2002 but this show always was seriously, seriously overlooked in terms of recognition.  there was some debate as to what category the reboot show would compete in but it was decided it would compete in the limited series category. amy and dan sherman-palladino have always been incredible writers and i have always looked up to them as writers and learned from them as writers.  but in this reboot, they really, really shone.  i will be incredibly furious if today they don't get nominated for at least spring or fall episodes.  i know a lot of some people hated the reboot but to me, it was perfect.  and thats all im going to say about it. 

 i think the gorgeous clothes blinded my ability to analyze a show well.  this didn't get the best reviews.  it was claimed to have too many secrets and intrigue but thats what i loved about it.  truthfully,  the only emmy nomination it deserves it in costume design.  but i had to put it out there to tell you to watch it. 

again, why am i the only one who watched this? a nyc lawyer comes to a small town to defend a man accused of killing his wife, tasked with a group of incompetent but loving buffoons. this was a new kind of hilarity that i have yet to see on the small screen.  it was new and fresh.  i demand an outstanding comedy series nomination! 

you didn't expect me to get through this list without mentioning mr robot did you?  something i do as part of writing exercises is watching exquisite writing and breaking it down piece by piece.  i did this with the pilot, which was nominated for outstanding writing for a drama series and when i was done all writing for drama shows made a lot more sense to me.  but guys,  i haven't seen the second season so i am just listing this by faith that second season was as good as the first.  because first should have been nominated for outstanding drama series.  which leads me to my next point.

but really guys, truth be told, i don't know what i'm talking about.  i tell taran that his media consumption is filled with candy and he has no meals.  i claim to have my protein by watching fargo (which i would list here but i haven't seen the latest season) but really, i think that my media consumption is just candy too.  i get caught up in storytelling that just plain entertains me.  i'm not a tv critic.  i try to be.  but i'm not.  but i'm learning. i'm learning. 

i wrote this last night, not knowing what the noms were.  and there was a big debate

July 12, 2017

museum of ice cream

last week we went to magical, magical place.  a place where they literally give you ice cream in every room. the museum of ice cream. this place is so popular i tried to get tickets in may but they were so sold out we had to wait until july! i originally read about this museum from taza when the museum was in nyc and was so excited when i learned it came to LA.

i love posing in front of murals.  there are so many murals in this city and i have yet to go hunt them down and take pictures in front of all of them.  mostly because my photographer (huh- hem, husband) gets very inpatient after about the second photo.

but that didn't stop me from making him pose in front of this adorable pink wall.

this is the wall you see when you enter.  it makes me drool and i want to eat it.  its so pretty.  this place really was a museum.  beautiful artwork of ice cream in each room.

when you enter, you pick up the phone and talk to your ice cream fairy!  the fairy (who is seth rogen, although he says a few times "i am not seth rogen) tells you all kinds of trivia like where ice cream was invented (china!) and things like that.

this room was so cool.  it was hollywood themed but had celebrity stars with ice cream themes.  the walls were so cute.


taran pretended to lift the huge popsicles, without success.

i tried to lick them.

i loved the banana room! they had the best swing!

and the hanging bananas were my favorite part.  i think it was my favorite room.

the gummy bear room was a lot of fun.  they had 90s music playing that everyone knew really well and there was a lot of singing going on. they didn't give you ice cream in this room, but instead gave you gummy bears!

there is just something about 90s britney.  i can't help but shake it.  actually, once that song was over another one played that i knew really well but i can't remember the name of and i started singing to as well.  the employee started signing too and we started dancing and singing together like we were old friends.  pretty sure everyone was staring at us.  i love moments like that.  when strangers are bound together by music and you just start shaking it wildly with a complete stranger in front of other strangers, totally uninhibited.  thats my happy place.  i don't know that guy's name and i will probably never see him again.  but we will always have that moment, that song.  taran was standing as far off to the edge of the room as he could and was as uncomfortable as he could possibly be.  we are so different in that way. but that was some of the most fun i've had in a long long time.

i love that piece of art.  this was the cookie dough room.  it was weird ice cream because it was room temperature. there was no egg in it and it was gravel black.  but it was good.  
and now for the main event....


i know this sounds completely gross but to enjoy it you really have to shut off that part of your brain for a second.  you take off your shoes and dive into a 4 foot deep pool that is completely filled with sprinkles.  and its awesome.

we're so cute

proud to say i only got a single sprinkle in one unfortunate place. 

this was wait for it...... can you guess?? the mint room! 

this ice cream was a trip.  it was chewy on the outside but was just like any other mint chocolate chip you've had on the inside. 

more ice cream art.

oh look!  its me! popping out from behind a rainbow!

i really wanted a picture on this swing but taran was donzo with taking pictures so i made friends with a group of girls who were taking pictures on the same swing and had them take it! this swing was one of my favorite pieces of art of the museum!

these are buttermilk pancakes with really good vanilla ice cream in between! a perfect way to end the night!  i wanted to take pictures of the cool stuff they had at the gift shop but taran was very much done.

i love this city! i love that i get to do cool things like this and that there are amazing events like this all over available to us! it was such a fun night!