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October 25, 2016

when a tv writer likes your tweet

ya'll know that i follow comedy writers to a level that borders on stalker.  i know their names, their bios, everything. i follow them on all forms of social media too.  (ps.  i know i owe you guys the last installment of what fall tv to watch - what shows to skip because i am sure you care but i'm having trouble writing it because i'm trying to give all those shows a fair chance!) so the other day i was browsing through twitter when i came across the below tweet from joe mande.  joe wrote for parks and recreation, the kroll show and the good place and acted in brooklyn 99 and modern family.  see?  he's this guy.  the guy at pritchett's closet's who claire has make the kids sandwiches and stuff so she doesn't feel like a bad mother.

so when i saw the below tweet i did what any normal person would do.  i asked what he wanted to be asked.  i tweeted back and said "you should write jokes for the al smith dinner" but spelled "dinner" wrong which given that he liked the tweet made it oh so humiliating.

but guys!  joe made liked my tweet! i'm basically on my way to being a successful comedy writer now.  there's nothing stopping me now.  i squealed and nearly fell over when i saw it.  i screamed to taran "JOE MANDE LIKED MY TWEET!!" and taran knows in these situations to just say "that's great sweetheart!" because he really doesn't care who comedy writers are, he has given up on keeping up on how many i follow and the only comedy writer he cares about is yours truly.  just like i don't care about any other inventions besides ones invented by my husband.  or any bit of science that isn't explained to me by my husband.  we both know who is the saint in this relationship.  taran patiently usually patiently waits while i rewind, pause and then look up the writer each time we watch a sitcom if i don't already know who it is.  it really, really annoying for him.  like i said, saint.  and i'm not talking about kim kardashian's youngest child.  

the moral of the story is that a comedy writer who i admire liked my tweet.  and that is all the end. 

October 21, 2016

good music / an announcement

first of all, thank you all so much for your sweet and kind words and thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. i can't tell you how much it means to me.

i have an announcement!  i am performing at the dickens festival in december! the dickens festival is where people dress up in victorian era (is that the right era for charles dickens?) and people come with goods and treats and sell them.  its a so much fun!  when i was in high school, i performed at this festival a few years in a row.  i would do a half hour set on a stage by myself singing Christmas songs and i loved it.  its been a long time since i did it, but i can't wait to get back in the saddle again.  and i am doing a completely new set, so i am really excited! the above picture is when we went last year.

i am also so really excited for the festival of trees!  i wanted to perform there too but i waited too long and now they are all full up so im on the waiting list.  
some really good music came out this week!  sia and lady gaga!  i have been listening to sia but haven't listened to lady gaga yet, but i've heard her singles and loved them.

because we are saving for our trip to NYC, we dont want to spend money on costumes so i am just going to wear a black dress and funky tights and a hat because it's cheap and yes it's overdone but i don't care. what are you going as at halloween? i can't wait to halloween! its one of my favorites!


this post is hard for me to write, but i process things best by writing.

my grandma passed away yesterday.  i'm sad but also at peace.  she had been really struggling for a while and i'm glad she is at peace and with my grandpa again.  

my mom called me as i drove to work yesterday and told me the news. its funny how grief works.  it takes a second for it to sink in, and then odd things happen.  when i walked into my office building, i was on the phone with taran telling him what happened.  a big meeting had just gotten out from the lobby auditorium and it was loud and i got really annoyed.  then when i got to my door that takes me to my floor, there were people blocking the way and even after they swiped their badge still didn't open the door.  i said excuse me and they let me through and proceed to get into an elevator that was going down, not up.  by this point i was really, really angry.  people were talking loudly.  i felt like screaming and crying at the same time.  

and then i did the oddest thing.  i left work and the only thing i could think to do was to go to starbucks.

i don't drink coffee.  i've never had a sip of coffee in my life.  the only time i go to starbucks is... well. literally never.  if i'm at the airport maybe and want a scone? but i associate the smell of coffee with my grandma and i desperately wanted to feel her near.  my mom is from detroit and my grandparents moved here only a few years ago.  growing up, they would come for Christmas and stay until march to get out of the michigain cold because i'm front the desert.  for the first few weeks they would stay with us and then the rest of the time they would rent a condo.  but those mornings when they were with us, i would come to the kitchen for breakfast before school and my grandma would be in her pink robe and slippers, brewing coffee.  we had this mug that she used everytime, a big red one with a white heart on it.  and i would come to the kitchen and see that folger's bag and it was one of the most comforting feelings in the world.  to this day, each time i smell of coffee i think of her.

so i just sat there, in starbucks, smelling that coffee smell and not wanting to leave.  i even ordered a coffee just so i could smell it.  never done that before!  i was very proud of myself that i didn't make a fool out of myself because i've watched enough tv to know that it isn't "large" or "small" but its "tall." so i just said "tall coffee please, black." i don't think i needed to say black.  don't you put the sugar or creme or whatever in yourself?  and then i went to open the top to smell it and it tipped over and spilled everywhere.  how am i supposed to smell it now?

grief is weird.  i keep thinking of these little octagon shaped crackers we would make together with this really great seasoning and we would eat them so fast we had to make several batches.   and our inside joke that chocolate was our medicine so we would ask each other if we had our medicine that day and then go to the pantry and get hershey kisses.  and i remember so vividly laying on her chest while she held me tight when i was little and smelling that coffee and perfume smell.  

when i was little, she gave my sisters and i these angel pins that we would pin on our pajamas to keep the nightmares away and she said those pins were our guardian angels.  each pin has our birth stones on it.  i remember having a lot of night terrors but after that, once i pinned that angel to my pajamas, i didn't have them so much.  my grandma was a big believer in guardian angels.  she was an amazing woman

i am so blessed to believe in the plan of salvation and that i will see her again and she is going to be my grandma forever.  i miss her so much already. and i hate myself for not going to visit her on sunday like i kept thinking i should.  i kept thinking it but then got distracted and now she's gone.  

i don't need that angel pin anymore.  i have the real thing now.  i'm so lucky that i knew her, that she is my grandma and will forever be watching over me.  

October 18, 2016

fall tv: what to watch, what to skip - part ii

hello hello!  picking up where we left off on the last post where i said what new fall tv shows you need to watch (with the exception of a show coming in january) now i'm going to recommend shows that have been on the air for a while that you need to watch! because i have too many opinions.

shows that have been on the air that you need to watch

i remember being this excited and addicted when the blacklist came out but then that show got stupid and this one replaced it in my queue. its about a woman who has no memory of who she is and gets dumped in a duffel bag in times square covered head to toe in tattoos.   one of the tattoos, has the name of a agent at the fbi.  each tattoo is a clue to stopping a terrible event from happening.  she doesn't know who did this to her or who she is, all she knows is that she is bad a** as &^*! and can kill someone with a single punch.  she joins the FBI to help follow the clues and figure out who she is.  taran doesn't like this show!  he thinks the clues are too easy.  they just started season 2 and i so, so so love this show. there is so much to learn about jane doe and each episode it awesome.  its so good.  so so good.

this gem premiered in january so it is on season 2 with season 1 consisting on 13 episodes.  its created by a writer from the office, justin spitzer.  it. is. the. funniest. show. on. the. air.  and you know that i would not throw that title around lightly.  its about a walmart type store and its employees and its hilarious.  every episode we laugh so hard we nearly cry.  there have been no bleh episodes, nothing short of brilliance.  its one of the best comedies ive seen. 

greg daniels created the office for american tv.  michael schur wrote on the office.  greg daniels and michael schur created parks and recreation.  dan goor wrote for parks and recreation.  dan goor and michael schur created brooklyn 99.  you with me?  michael schur also created the new show i wrote about in part i of this series, the good place, which i am liking less and less.  brooklyn 99 is a comedy about a...... you guessed it!  a  brooklyn police precinct!  its right on target.  my favorite characters are the captain and jake.  season 3 just started.  it got all serious police work like at the end of season 2, which was new.  so hilarious.  highly, highly recommend.

this show is fresh, yo! its about a family and each episode tells four stories: one for each of the kids and one for the parents.  its exquisite.  some stories are "meh" but some are solid.  i feel like taran an i are the only ones watching this because i don't hear anyone talking about it.  it went for a full season and season 2 happens in 10 days but who's counting.  ME. i'm counting.  because its on cbs and i HATE watching shows on cbs because they don't put the shows on hulu and i don't have a tv i watch everything from hulu so i have to suffer through watching it with the app and because i don't have cable i have to wait a WEEK after an episode has aired to watch any cbs show.  its the worst.  and there are 6 commercials per break.  i don't have commercials on hulu! cbs! what is wrong with you?!  if a show is on cbs, it has to be REALLY good in order for me to watch it because i have to sit through those darn commercial breaks. #firstworldproblems.  anywhos, highly recommend.

speaking of cbs shows, elementary!!  i have been watching this since my cousin recommended it to me in its first season when i finished watching sherlock for the first time.  this is another sherlock show and is nowhere near as good as the british version, but its on every week and it is still really good.  i have realized that i don't watch any other cop show besides this one, because elementary is so smart i can't handle any of the other ones.  it has raised my standards.  thanks robert doherty!  all the past seasons are on hulu, thank goodness, but i do have to suffer through the woes of cbs to watch each week.  i put up with a lot, guys.  

what is not to love about this show? tell me a list of your favorite rom coms and i bet aline brosh mckenna was behind them.  she and rachel bloom (the star) are the creators.  song numbers every single episode!  broadway stars on the tiny silver screen (including but not limited to santino fontana! what, you don't know who that is? thats hans from frozen. and many, many other broadways things.)  a crazy ex girlfriend who moves across the country when she runs into her summer camp boyfriend one day on the streets of NYC!  seriously.  what.  is.  not.  to.  love.  i'm so excited for the second season.   it has gotten the most rave reviews that i have seen since girls but now the cw has moved it to friday?  what?? that makes no sense at all.  but watch!  

and the mindy project.  and if you aren't watching that show by now, i don't know what to tell you or how to talk to you.  i really don't.  have you been living under a rock?  or better excuse, have a life that makes you too busy to watch such things?  okay, for that i forgive you.  i am seriously thinking of writing an entire blog post solely on why the mindy project is so good and original and brilliant, with a lot of excerpts from mindy's book contributed.  i'm not going to waste time to tell you to watch this.  because i guarantee you have already heard of it and are watching it or are insane and don't like it.

has anyone picked up that i have strong feelings for television?  in case you missed it, here is my break down of how a tv show goes from an idea to the screen.  in extensive detail.  because it is slightly complicated and this is my favorite topic to talk about.

and kenneth because i have to because he says it best....

October 17, 2016

things that bring me joy

with everything that is going on in the world, i have been trying to focus on the good and things that make me happy.  i feel like we are at the end of days the world is in such bad condition.  it breaks my heart and i don't know what i can do to help.  i guess the only thing i can do is live by that quote that is overused "be the change you want to see in the world."

so in an effort to lift my spirits, i thought it would be fun to list all the times that bring me joy. 

fall!  my favorite time of year!  i love alll the fall things.  october is my favorite month and this is the first year that i really feel like i have done it right.  i have gone to gardner village for witchfest and looked at all the decorations and witch costumes.  over the weekend we went to a pumpkin patch and carved our pumpkins.  

i got actual halloween decorations from target! big orange bulb lights that we hung in our living room and really adorable a spooky decorative pumpkin! the weather has been turning colder and it makes my heart so happy. plus, outside of work there are tons of trees that are turning fall colors! so beautiful. yay fall!  and i'm so excited to have more halloween decorations than usual! 

anytime i come across an adorable neighborhood i just die.  i found this photo in my stock images folder, so i don't know where it is, but i'm thinking san fransisco.  there are some neighborhoods here that are just adorable and they are mostly downtown so i see them as i drive to work.  

my nieces and nephews. i love them so much i can't believe it sometimes.  they all have such different personalities. i love wataching them play and grow and learn and answer their kid questions about the sky and tractors and everything else.  i love their imaginations and i love their feistiness.  i love how different they are and it amazes me how prominent personalities are so early on in life.  my sister jessica is pregnant so we are adding another baby in april!  then there will be 9 grandkids in the family!  i love it and can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew.

i am not someone who is good at decorating or at crafts.  but since i got this new desk at work, i have all this space and i wanted to decorate it!  i went to target and got the cutest things and it make my heart so happy.  (isn't that like the 18th time i have said that phrase in this post? haah) the colors for my desk are gold and pink and i painted the big "L" that lights up pink and i painted the chalkboard gold and the white frame pink.  i can't wait to show you all how it looks once everything is on my desk! this is the first time i have ever tried to decorate and succeeded.  i feel so proud.  go me!

my shows!  oh how i love television.  but you all know that.  new episodes of my shows bring me joy.  or finding a new show to binge on.  i have been searching for a show to binge on that will really hook me but have been unsucessful.  anyone have any recommendations? pleeeeeease... 

A video posted by Goldens Glee (@goldens_glee) on

i have been following a ton of golden retrievers instagram accounts and the pictures just make me melt.  they are so so cute!  taran and i wish we could get a puppy, but we don't have the space in our apartment for the pup to run around.  it wouldn't be fair to the dog.  ya'll know i had a golden retriever growing up and that is the dog i want always.  they are the best dogs.  i think my instagram feed is half golden retrievers and half celebrities.  but the tiny little puppies make me soooo happy.

also, of course, blogging makes me happy.  reading blogs make me happy.  this past weekend was just the BEST because it was the perfect combo of getting things done and having fun and relaxing.  on sunday evening i just got to lie in bed and read and it was JOYOUS!! i love reading your blogs, i really do.  if i am too busy to read blogs, then i know life is too busy.

what brings you joy?